Section 16-28-1


For purposes of this article, the following words, terms and phrases shall have the following respective meanings, unless clearly indicated otherwise:

(1) PRIVATE SCHOOL. Includes only such schools as hold a certificate issued by the State Superintendent of Education, showing that such school conforms to the following requirements:

a. The instruction in such schools shall be by persons holding certificates issued by the State Superintendent of Education;

b. Instruction shall be offered in the several branches of study required to be taught in the public schools of this state;

c. The English language shall be used in giving instruction;

d. A register of attendance shall be kept which clearly indicates every absence of each child from such school for a half day or more during each school day of the school year.

(2) CHURCH SCHOOL. Includes only such schools as offer instruction in grades K-12, or any combination thereof including the kindergarten, elementary, or secondary level and are operated as a ministry of a local church, group of churches, denomination, and/or association of churches on a nonprofit basis which do not receive any state or federal funding.

(School Code 1927, §302; Code 1940, T. 52, §299; Acts 1982, No. 82-218, p. 260, §1.)