Section 31-2-8

Organization, etc., of State Defense Force upon call, etc., into federal service of National Guard.

In the event of all or part of the National Guard of Alabama being called, drafted or ordered into the service of the United States, the Governor is hereby authorized to organize, equip, train and maintain, only during periods when the National Guard of Alabama is in the federal service or when the Governor declares by executive order, at such strength and in such organizations and branches of the service as he may deem advisable, a temporary military force designated as the Alabama State Defense Force, similar to the National Guard and organized for the same state purposes, and if authorized by federal laws, it shall be organized, maintained and trained under the provisions of the National Defense Act for the organization, maintenance and training of the National Guard; provided that comparable organizations shall be disbanded and discharged from the service of the state on the release or discharge of the National Guard of Alabama, or units thereof, from the federal service and return to its National Guard status.

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