Section 31-9A-2

Findings and declaration of necessity; purpose of chapter and public policy.

(a) As a result of the unprecedented and devastating attack of September 11, 2001, upon the people and the vital infrastructure of the United States of America and the possibility that such attacks may be perpetrated in the future by those persons identified as terrorists and other enemies of this country, and in order to ensure that preparations of this state will be adequate to deal with such events and to generally provide for the common defense and to protect and preserve the life, health, welfare, and property of the people of Alabama, it is found and is declared to be necessary to:

(1) Create a State Department of Homeland Security.

(2) Confer upon the Governor the powers provided in this chapter.

(3) Provide for the rendering of aid to the political subdivisions of the state, and between other states, and the federal government with respect to performing those functions related to homeland security.

(4) Authorize necessary and appropriate action to implement this chapter.

(b) It is further declared to be the purpose of this chapter and policy of the State of Alabama to assist, coordinate, and encourage homeland security preparedness by state departments and agencies and political subdivisions of the state by authorizing the making of grants, as funds are appropriated for such purpose, to any political subdivision of the state in amounts not to exceed the amounts authorized, for the purpose of promoting homeland security.

(Act 2003-276, p. 658, §2.)