Section 40-12-133

Moving picture shows - Permanent operators.

Every person engaging or continuing in the business of operating a moving picture show, or show of like character, to which admission is charged shall pay the following license tax: in cities of 35,000 inhabitants and over, $200; in cities and towns of less than 35,000 and not less than 7,000 inhabitants, $50; in all other places, $15; provided that, in cities of 35,000 inhabitants or over in which the theater is one mile or more from the city hall, the license shall be $60 per annum. Moving picture shows under this section shall be held to mean a show, the principal featuring of which is moving pictures and for which is required an annual privilege license in Alabama and shall be conducted within a building arranged or constructed for such purpose, and no additional license shall be required if other features of entertainment, including vaudeville acts, are given during any period for which an admission is charged. Any motion picture theater charging children under 12 years of age more than one half of the admission charged adults shall pay double the amount herein levied under this section; provided, that this shall not apply where admission charged such children does not exceed $.10.

(Acts 1935, No. 429, p. 901; Code 1940, T. 51, §561.)