Section 40-12-150

Real estate brokers and agents - Realty situated without the state.

Every person who shall sell or who shall offer to sell in this state any lots or land situated in another state, or who offers to sell at auction or advertises any auction sale of town lots, or the sale by auction or otherwise, or lots in any subdivision of lands situated in another state shall pay an annual license tax to the state of $500. Before any license shall be issued under this section, the party desiring to obtain such license shall cause to be recorded at his own expense on the deed records in the office of the probate judge of the county in which the license is applied for a full description of the lands or lots so offered for sale, together with the location of same and, if the lands have been divided into lots shall, at his own expense, file a map of said subdivision, which shall be recorded upon the plat book of the county in the office of the judge of probate, and reference to said plat book shall be made on the deed records and noted in the general direct and reverse index of said county. The applicant shall also file and cause to be recorded at his own expense, in the office of the probate judge, evidence of the ownership of the vendor of said lands or lots, the character and extent of such ownership, together with a statement of any and all mortgages or other liens which may exist thereon.

(Acts 1935, No. 194, p. 256; Code 1940, T. 51, §581.)