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Rd 1 08-FEB-2001


WHEREAS, herein recorded with deep and abiding sorrow is the untimely death of our friend and colleague, Representative Joe Ford of Gadsden, Alabama, on June 14, 2000, at the early age of only 62 years; and

WHEREAS, Representative Ford was indeed one of Alabama's most prominent citizens who rendered invaluable service to our state as a member of the House of Representatives for some 26 years, ably representing District 28 in Etowah County; and

WHEREAS, as a dedicated and valiant public servant, Joe Ford worked to fund local projects and education, and helped push through a one-cent local sales tax that paid for the new Etowah County judicial building and jail, as well as the forthcoming renovations to the county courthouse; and

WHEREAS, in addition to his responsibilities as an elected official, Joe Ford, until his recent retirement, served as Dean and Director of Development at Gadsden State Community College; he extended his endeavors to include community leadership and involvement in numerous organizations; and he provided support to many programs and projects to the benefit and well-being of the citizens of Alabama; and

WHEREAS, Joe Ford also loyally served 30 years with the Alabama National Guard, retiring as a Colonel; and

WHEREAS, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Jacksonville State University and earned an EDS Equivalency in Student Personnel Work and Higher Education from the University of Alabama; and

WHEREAS, Joe Ford was an active member of the First Baptist Church of Gadsden, where he was faithful in attendance and service; and

WHEREAS, a truly commendable Alabamian, Joe Ford served the State of Alabama with great leadership ability, integrity, and tireless devotion and his enduring accomplishments and superior record of service will not soon be forgotten; and

WHEREAS, left to cherish the memory of Joe Ford are his beloved wife, Brenda; daughter, Toni; sons, Scott and Craig; stepsons, Clint Ray and David Ray; and stepdaughter, Katie Mayes; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That even as his death is mourned with a deep sense of sadness and loss, the life and service of Representative Joe Ford is herein celebrated, and deepest sympathy is extended to his family whose sorrow we sincerely share and for whom a copy of this resolution shall be provided.

Resolutions, Condolence
Ford, Joe