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By Representatives Allen, Albritton, Baker, Ball, Bandy, Barton, Beasley, Beason, Beck, Bentley, Black (L), Black (M), Boothe, Boyd, Brewbaker, Bridges, Buskey, Carns, Carothers, Carter, Clark, Clouse, Coleman (L), Coleman (M), Collier, Davis, DeMarco, Dukes, Dunn, Faust, Fite, Ford, Galliher, Garner, Gaston, Gipson, Glover, Graham, Grantland, Greer, Greeson, Grimes, Guin, Hall (A), Hall (L), Hammett, Hammon, Hill, Hinshaw, Holmes, Howard, Hubbard, Humphryes, Hurst, Ison, Jackson, Johnson, Kennedy, Knight, Laird, Layson, Letson, Lindsey, Love, Major, Martin, Mask, McClammy, McClendon, McClurkin, McDaniel, McLaughlin, McMillan, Melton, Millican, Mitchell, Moore, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Newton (C), Newton (D), Oden, Page, Payne, Perdue, Robinson (J), Robinson (O), Rogers, Salaam, Sanderford, Schmitz, Sherer, Spicer, Thigpen, Thomas (E), Thomas (J), Vance, Ward, Warren, White, Williams (J), Williams (N) and Wood
Rd 1 14-MAR-06


WHEREAS, Mrs. Gloria "Glo" Anne Garrett Houchin, a resident of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, will mark a milestone in her life on March 22, 2006, her 80th birthday, and upon this auspicious occasion, she is deserving of special recognition and heartiest congratulations; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Houchin was married to the late Kenneth Earl Houchin in 1946, and is a dearly loved and respected mother of the former Linda Leigh Houchin and Joy Marie Houchin; and an affectionate grandmother to Jacob Andrew Gaydosh, Jonathan Stephen Gaydosh, Aaron Reese Sherman, Bethany Joy Gaydosh, Brittany Anne Gaydosh, and Jordan Andrew Sherman; and

WHEREAS, she also is a lady of tremendous joy and strong Christian faith, who has dedicated her tremendous efforts and endeavors in numerous Christian activities as a Pastor's wife and faithful member of Emmanuel Baptist Church, where her husband was pastor until his retirement in 1984; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. Houchin also worked with pride and professionalism for Paul William Bryant, Jr., for 30 years and, during her leisure time, she continually enjoys cooking and sharing special foods with others, as well as sewing and visiting with friends; and

WHEREAS, over the years Mrs. Houchin has left a sweet and indelible impression on the hearts of her family and many friends, whose lives are infinitely better for having been touched by her care and concern for their happiness and well-being; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That Mrs. Gloria Anne Garrett Houchin is herein most highly congratulated on the momentous occasion of her 80th birthday, March 22, 2006, and it is directed that she receive a copy of this resolution that she may know of our best wishes for a special lady who has been so richly blessed by God.

Resolutions, Congratulatory
Houchin, Gloria Anne Garrett