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Rd 1 19-MAY-08


WHEREAS, it is a pleasure to recognize Mrs. Venita Clisby King, noted author, speaker, and life coach, who will be the featured speaker for the Anniston Area Chapter of the Alabama A and M University Alumni Association's Scholarship Banquet on June 7, 2008; at Seventeenth Street Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama; and

WHEREAS, the daughter of the late Curtis and Carrie Clisby of Docena, Alabama, she graduated from Minor High School in Jefferson County and earned a Bachelor's Degree from Alabama A and M University; she was awarded a Fellowship to the University of Tennessee where she earned a Master's Degree; and

WHEREAS, during her college career, she was listed in Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; was selected as Model Student and Outstanding Urban Studies Student; and served as vice president of the Student Government Association while her husband, Robert, was president; and

WHEREAS, she embarked on a career in business with Ford Motor Company in Michigan and later with Purolator Manufacturing, Incorporated, in North Carolina; she was listed as one of the Outstanding Young Women in America and, after a career change, received a NAFEO Presidential Citation; and

WHEREAS, in 1988, she left the corporate world and explored more satisfying options as an entrepreneur; she is co-owner of Rooks Realty in Huntsville and Director of Alumni Affairs at Alabama A and M University, but she has also managed to build a brilliant career as an author, speaker, and certified professional life coach; and

WHEREAS, she presents a highly successful workshop, "Inspired By Life Driven By Faith," and has authored two popular publications, "The Voice of My Boundaries," which received the 2004 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, and "The Get Me Thru Collection" mini-book; and

WHEREAS, Mrs. King makes her home in Harvest and is active in the First Missionary Baptist Church of Huntsville; she is a member of the International Coach Federation, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, the National Association of Women Writers, and the Alabama Board of Realtors; she has one son, Sterling; and

WHEREAS, with her outstanding academic accomplishments and her experiences as a businesswoman and inspirational entrepreneur, she is able to share both knowledge and wisdom with her readership and audiences; the Anniston Area A and M University Alumni members are privileged to welcome her to their Scholarship Banquet; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That on behalf of the Anniston Area Alumni of Alabama A and M University, Mrs. Venita Clisby King is most heartily welcomed to the Scholarship Banquet, and by copy of this resolution, highest commendation is offered for her accomplishments.

Resolutions, Congratulatory
King, Venita Clisby