Senate House Joint

2 Announcements or Meetings Scheduled

DateTimeLocationAnnouncement TitleDescription
03/10/20212:30 PMRoom 825Legislative Committee on Public AccountsAnnual meeting
3/11/20219:00 AMRoom 200Legislative CouncilThe agenda will include the following and any other business raised: Report on the condition of the State House as reported pursuant to the facility assessment requested in last year’s maintenance agreement; Consideration of the State House Security Policies and Protocols; The possible consideration of two certified administrative rules o Department of Public Health - Chapter 420-7-2, Appendix -Controlled Substances List (Effective Date: March 15, 2021) o Department of Labor - Rule 480-8-2-.03, Minimum Standards Adoption of Nationally Recognized Safety Codes (Effective Date: April 12, 2021)