RepresentativePartyDistrictOfficeOffice Phone
Ainsworth, WillRHouse District 27Suite 524-B334-242-7600
Alexander, LouiseDHouse District 56Suite 537-B334-242-7600
Baker, AlanRHouse District 66Suite 427-B334-242-7720
Ball, MikeRHouse District 10Suite 401-A334-242-7683
Bandy, GeorgeDHouse District 83Suite 529334-242-7721
Beckman, PaulRHouse District 88Suite 427-D334-242-7499
Beech, ElaineDHouse District 65Suite 427-E334-242-7702
Black, MarcelDHouse District 3Suite 435334-242-7686
Blackshear, ChrisRHouse District 80Suite 427A 
Boothe, AlanRHouse District 89Suite 417-H334-242-7710
Boyd, BarbaraDHouse District 32Suite 525-C334-242-7692
Bracy, NapoleonDHouse District 98Suite 540-A334-242-7756
Brown, K. L.RHouse District 40Suite 423334-353-1778
Buskey, James E.DHouse District 99Suite 540-C334-242-7757
Butler, MackRHouse District 30Suite 526-A334-242-7446
Carns, JimRHouse District 48Suite 534-C334-242-7600
Chesteen, DonnieRHouse District 87Suite 427-J334-242-7742
Clarke, AdlineDHouse District 97Suite 540-B334-242-7600
Clouse, SteveRHouse District 93Suite 410-D334-242-7717
Coleman-Evans, MerikaDHouse District 57Suite 537-A334-242-7755
Collins, TerriRHouse District 8Suite 427-A334-242-7693
Davis, RandyRHouse District 96Suite 417-G334-242-7724
District 5, Vacant House District 5  
District 80, Vacant House District 80
Drake, DickieRHouse District 45Suite 528-B334-242-7727
Drummond, BarbaraDHouse District 103Suite 536-C334-242-7600
England, ChrisDHouse District 70Suite 539-B334-242-7703
Farley, AllenRHouse District 15Suite 427-L334-242-7767
Faulkner, DavidRHouse District 46Suite 522-B334-242-7600
Faust, JoeRHouse District 94Suite 426334-242-7699
Fincher, BobRHouse District 37Suite 538-A334-242-7600
Ford, CraigDHouse District 28Suite 434334-242-7690
Forte, BerryDHouse District 84Suite 540-D334-242-7553
Fridy, MattRHouse District 73Suite 403-E334-242-7600
Garrett, DannyRHouse District 44Suite 538-B334-242-7600
Gaston, VictorRHouse District 100Suite 519-E334-242-7664
Givan, JuandalynnDHouse District 60Suite 528-E334-242-7684
Greer, LynnRHouse District 2Suite 403-C334-242-7576
Grimsley, DexterDHouse District 85Suite 537-F334-242-7740
Hall, LauraDHouse District 19Suite 517-D334-242-7688
Hammon, MickyRHouse District 4Suite 401334-242-7709
Hanes, TommyRHouse District 23Suite 527-D334-242-7600
Harbison, CoreyRHouse District 12Suite 526-F334-242-7600
Harper, AlanRHouse District 61Suite 403-B334-242-7732
Henry, EdRHouse District 9Suite 401-F334-242-7736
Hill, JimRHouse District 50Suite 526-B334-242-7600
Hill, MikeRHouse District 41Suite 403-A334-242-7715
Holmes, AlvinDHouse District 78Suite 525-A334-242-7706
Holmes, MikeRHouse District 31Suite 527-A334-242-7215
Howard, RalphDHouse District 72Suite 525-A334-242-7759
Hubbard, MikeRHouse District 79Suite 519-A334-242-7668
Hurst, SteveRHouse District 35Suite 427-K334-353-9215
Ingram, ReedRHouse District 75Suite 531334-242-7600
Jackson, ThomasDHouse District 68Suite 437-D334-242-7738
Johnson, KenRHouse District 7Suite 417-E334-242-7754
Johnson, RonRHouse District 33Suite 413-B334-242-7777
Jones, MikeRHouse District 92Suite 419334-242-7739
Knight, John F.DHouse District 77Suite 539-A334-242-7512
Lawrence, KelvinDHouse District 69Suite 536-A334-242-7600
Ledbetter, NathanielRHouse District 24Suite 522-D334-242-7600
Lee, Paul W.RHouse District 86Suite 410-F334-242-7675
Lindsey, Richard J.DHouse District 39Suite 432334-242-7713
Martin, JimmyRHouse District 42Suite 404334-242-7600
McCampbell, Artis "A. J."DHouse District 71Suite 539-F334-242-7747
McClammy, ThadDHouse District 76Suite 534-A334-242-7780
McCutcheon, MacRHouse District 25Suite 519-C334-242-7705
McMillan, SteveRHouse District 95Suite 532334-242-7723
Melton, DarrioDHouse District 67Suite 431334-242-7540
Millican, MikeRHouse District 17Suite 427-F334-242-7534
Mooney, ArnoldRHouse District 43Suite 538-D334-242-7600
Moore, BarryRHouse District 91Suite 422334-242-7773
Moore, MaryDHouse District 59Suite 539-D334-242-7608
Morrow, Johnny MackDHouse District 18Suite 517-F334-242-7698
Nordgren, BeckyRHouse District 29Suite 401-D334-353-9032
Patterson, JimRHouse District 21Suite 427-H334-242-7531
Pettus, PhillipRHouse District 1Suite 524-C334-242-7600
Polizos, DimitriRHouse District 74Suite 522-C334-242-7600
Poole, BillRHouse District 63Suite 514334-242-7624
Pringle, ChrisRHouse District 101Suite 427-M334-242-7600
Rich, KerryRHouse District 26Suite 427-C334-242-7538
Robinson, OliverDHouse District 58Suite 534-B334-242-7769
Rogers, John W.DHouse District 52Suite 523-A334-242-7761
Rowe, Connie C.RHouse District 13Suite 537-E334-242-7600
Sanderford, HowardRHouse District 20Suite 413-C334-242-4368
Scott, RodDHouse District 55Suite 425334-242-7752
Sells, ChrisRHouse District 90Suite 526-E334-242-7600
Sessions, DavidRHouse District 105Suite 417-I334-242-0947
Shedd, RandallRHouse District 11Suite 524-A334-242-7600
Shiver, HarryRHouse District 64Suite 526-D334-242-7745
South, KyleRHouse District 16Suite 427-G334-242-7600
Standridge, DavidRHouse District 34Suite 524-D334-242-7475
Todd, PatriciaDHouse District 54Suite 539-E334-242-7718
Treadaway, AllenRHouse District 51Suite 528-A334-242-7685
Tuggle, MarkRHouse District 81Suite 410-C334-242-7219
Wadsworth, TimRHouse District 14Suite 528-D205-712-1792
Warren, Pebblin W.DHouse District 82Suite 517-B334-242-7734
Weaver, AprilRHouse District 49Suite 417-A334-242-7731
Whorton, IsaacRHouse District 38Suite 427-C334-242-7600
Whorton, RitchieRHouse District 22Suite 526-C334-242-7600
Wilcox, MargieRHouse District 104Suite 524-F334-242-7600
Williams, Jack "J. D."RHouse District 47Suite 417-A334-242-7779
Williams, Jack W.RHouse District 102Suite 524-F334-242-7600
Williams, PhilRHouse District 6Suite 401-C334-242-7704
Wingo, RichRHouse District 62Suite 522-D334-242-7600
Wood, RandyRHouse District 36Suite 424334-242-7700

Alabama House of Representatives

The Alabama House of Representatives is comprised of 105 members. Each member represents a district of approximately 40,000 people. The members of the House are elected to four-year terms. Members of the House must be 21 years of age at the time of their election, and must have been citizens of Alabama for three years, having lived in their respective districts for at least one year immediately preceding their election. The Speaker of the House represents one of the 105 districts in the House, and is elected by his or her colleagues to serve as the presiding officer. It takes a quorum of 53 members to conduct business in the Alabama House of Representatives, and a majority of a quorum can pass any bill except a constitutional amendment, which requires 63 votes. All revenue raising legislation must originate in the House just as in the Congress of the United States. An appropriation to a non-government organization, such as a private college, requires a two-thirds vote of those elected.