On the first Monday of November, being the day fixed by law for the meeting of the General Assembly, the following members of the House of Representatives appeared and took their seats, to wit:

From the county of Madison- David Moore, John Vining, Frederick Weedon, John Martin, Thomas Miller, William Fleming, Henry King, and John M. Leake.

From the county of Limestone- William Edmondson, Benjamin Murrell, and Quin Morton.

From the county of Shelby- Benjamin Davis and Thomas McHenry.

From the county of Montgomery- Joseph Fitzpatrick, George Dabney and Peter Williamson.

From the county of Washington- James Tagert and James Thompson.

From the county of Tuskaloosa- Levin Powell, Marmaduke Williams and Sion L. Perry.

From the county of Lawrence- Matthew Clay and Hugh A. Anderson.

From the county of Franklin- William W. Parham and Theophilus Skinner.

From the county of Morgan- McKenny Holderness and Horatio Philpott.

From the county of Clark- James Magoflin and Edward Kennedy.

From the county of Bibb- Jonathan Jones.

From the county of Conecuh- Eldridge S. Greening and John F. Graham.

From the county of Dallas- Walter Crenshaw and Randall Duckworth.

From the county of Marengo- Nathaniel Norwood.

From the county of Marion- Lemuel Beene.

From the county of Lauderdale- Gutherage Masterson and John Craig.

From the county of Autauga- William R. Pickett and John A. Elmore.


From the county of Baldwin- Elijah Montgomery.

From the county of Mobile- Francis W. Armstrong.

From the county of Blount- John Brown and Moses Ayers.

From the county of St. Clair- James Hardwicke.

From the county of Monroe- James Dellet, John Carr and Samuel Dale.

From the county of Jackson- William Barclay, George W. Hopkins and Booker Smith.

On motion of Mr. Morton, Mr. Williams was called to the chair.

On motion of Mr. Morton, N. Dodson was elected clerk, pro tem.

On motion of Mr. Vining, the House proceeded to the election of a Speaker; whereupon, the election being conducted viva voce, Mr. James Dellet was elected Speaker; and being conducted to the chair, made his acknowledgements to the House, and proceeded to discharge the duties of the chair.

On motion of Mr. Williams, the House proceeded to the election of principal clerk; and the election being consititutionally conducted, Mr. Speaker announced N. Dodson unanimously elected.

On motion of Mr. Crenshaw, the House proceeded to the election of an engrossing clerk, whereupon, Edward R. Byrd was duly elected.

On motion, the House proceeded to the election of a door keeper, whereupon, William T. Gamble was duly elected.

On motion of Mr. Williams, Resolved, That the members of this House do now proceed to take the oath prescribed by the constitution; and also the oath in conformity with an Act, entitled an Act to suppress duelling.

On motion the House adjourned, till this evening 2 o'clock.

Evening Session.

The House met at 2 o'clock, pursuant to adjournment.

The members then proceeded to take the oath agreeably to Mr. Williams' resolution, which were administered to Mr. Speaker, and all the members present.

The principal and engrossing clerks were also qualified, by taking the oath prescribed by law.

The House then proceeded to the election of an assistant clerk, whereupon, Thomas W. Winn was duly elected.

On motion of Mr. Vining, Ordered, that the following committees be appointed, to wit:


A Committee of Accounts --- A Committee of Privileges and Elections ---A Committee of Ways and Means --- A Committee of Claims --- A Committee of propositions and grievances --- A Committee on enrolled bills --- A Committee of Inland Navigation --- A Judiciary Committee --- A Military Committee --- A Committee on Roads, Bridges, Ferries, &c. --- A Committee on County Boundaries --- And a Committee on Schools and Colleges, and School and College Lands.

On motion of Mr. Moore, Resolved, That a message be sent to the Senate to inform them, that a quorum of this House is assembled, and have appointed James Dellet, one of the Representatives of Monroe county, their Speaker, Nathaniel Dodson, clerk, and William T. Gamble, door keeper, and are now ready to proceed to business.

Ordered, That the House adjourn till tomorrow morning, 10 o'clock.