MONDAY, June 11, 1821.

Mr. Perkins, from the select committee to whom was referred the consideration of what measures are necessary to perpetuate the Legislative department of the government, reported, That in the opinion of the committee, it is unnecessary at this time to take any measures out of the usual course of Legislation to effect that object which report was, on motion, ordered to lie on the table.

On motion of Mr. Chambers, the House took up the bill from the senate, entitled an act to apportion the representatives among the several counties of this state, according to the returns of the late census; which was read the second time. Mr. Weedon moved the following amendment; And be it further enacted, that the counties of Baldwin, Washington and Mobile, shall form one district; Conecuh, Henry and Butler, one; Monroe and Wilcox, one; Clarke and Marengo, one; Dallas and Perry, one; Autauga and Montgomery, one; Greene, Pickens and Tuskaloosa, one; Bibb and Shelby, one; Jefferson and Marion, one; Blount and St. Clair, one; Cotaco, one; Lawrence, one; Franklin and Lauderdale one; Limestone, one; Madison, one; and Jackson one:--- and each district shall be entitled to one senator.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the sheriff of the counties of


Washington, Clarke, Monroe; Conecuh, Dallas, Montgomery, Tuskaloosa, Bibb, Jefferson, St. Clair, and Lauderdale, shall be the returning officers for their respective districts; and the sheriffs of the other counties of the district shall make return to the returning officers within ten days after the senatorial election. The House having spent sometime in the consideration of the said amendments, on motion adjourned till three o'clock.

Evening Session.

The House resumed the consideration of the amendment, offered by Mr. Weedon, to the bill from the senate, entitled an act to apportion the Representatives among the several counties of this state, and the question being state, will the House adopt said amendment, it was decided in the affirmative. Yeas 34, Nays 14.

The yeas and nays being called for, those who voted in the affirmative, are,

Mr. Abercrombie, Armstrong of Mobile, Armstrong of Conecuh, Bigham, Bailey, Isaac Brown, Col. John Brown, Chambers, Chapman, Clay, Coats, Doxey, Davis, Edmondson, Fitzpatrick of Montgomery, Hill, Leake, McKinley, Moore of Madison, Morton, McMeans, Moore of Marion, McVay, Perkins, Rather, Skinner, Shackleford, Sargent, Vining, Walker, Weedon- 34.

Those who voted in the negative, are

Mr. Speaker, Benson, John Brown, Creagh, Cook, Coleman, Draughon, Dale, Fitzpatrick of Autauga, Jackson, Murphy, Murrell, Perry, Tagert- 14.

So the said amendment was adopted, by the House.

The said bill was then, amended on the several motions of Messrs. Perkins, Murphy, Perry and Cook, and on motion, ordered, that the same be made the order of the day for a third reading on to morrow.

Message from the senate by Mr. Farmer:

Mr. Speaker, the senate concur in the amendments made by your honorable body, to the bill, entitled an act amendatory of certain acts and to establish certain election precincts therein mentioned. And they have passed the bill originating in your honorable body, entitled an act supplementary to an act entitled an act to organize the militia of this state, passed at Cahawba, Dec. 20, 1820, and for other purposes, with amendments, in which they respectfully desire concurrence, and then he withdrew.

Another message from the Senate by Mr. Farmer:

Mr. Speaker, the Senate have passed the bill originating in your honorable body, entitled an act concerning executions, and for other purposes, which they have amended by extending the provisions of the said act, to the county of Blount; to which amendments the Senate respectfully desire the concurrence of the House, and then he withdrew.

Mr. Morton from the committee to whom was referred that part of the Governor's message, of the 7th inst. relative to the adjustment of the accounts of William Terry, engineer, submitted a report accompanied with a resolution to extend relief to William Terry for certain services rendered to the state of Alabama, as engineer, which was read the first time, and ordered for a second reading on to morrow.


Mr. Walker from the committee to whom was referred the bill fixing the seat of justice for St. Clair, county, reported the same with amendments, in which the house concurred.

Mr. Draughon, moved an amendment to said bill appointing two additional commissioners to fix the seat of justice in the county of Wilcox, which was carried.

Ordered That the said bill be engrossed and made the order of the day, for to morrow.

And the House adjourned till 9 o'clock to morrow.