Begun and held at the State House, in the town of Cahawba, on Monday, the 18th day of November, 1822, being the fourth annual session of the General Assembly of the said State. On which day, being that appointed by law, for the meeting of the said General Assembly, the following members of the House of Representatives, appeared and took their seats, to wit:

From the county of Mobile - Thomas L. Hallett.

  -             -           Baldwin - Lud Harris.

   -             -           Washington - James Thompson.

   -             -           Conecuh - Samuel W. Oliver.

   -             -           Monroe - Arthur P. Bagby, John Gayle, and Henry L. Riviere.

   -             -           Clarke - Edward Kennedy and James Fitz.

   -             -            Henry - Benjamin Harvey.

   -             -           Wilcox - Edwin L. Harris.

   -             -           Dallas - Thomas B. Rutherford & Walter Crenshaw.

   -             -           Perry - George Weissinger and William Ford.

   -             -           Marengo - Nathaniel Norwood.

   -             -           Greene - Hiram Shortridge & Zachary Merriwether.

   -             -           Tuskaloosa - Thos. C. Hunter, James Hill and Marmaduke Williams.

   -            -            Bibb - Jonathan Jones and John Wallace.

   -            -            Montgomery - John Browning and James Abercrombie.

   -            -            Shelby - Benjamin Davis.

    -           -            St. Clair - James Hardwicke and Philip Coleman.

    -           -            Jefferson - Issac Browne & Thomas W. Farrar.

    -           -            Blount - Marston Mead.

    -           -            Marion - John D. Terrell.

    -           -            Franklin - Anthony Winston & Theophilus Skinner.

    -           -            Lauderdale - James Jackson & Francis Durrett.

    -           -            Limestone - Woodson Montgomery, Quin Morton. Wm. Edmondson & Joshua L. Martin.

    -           -            Lawrence - Greene K. Hubbard, Matthew Clay and Joseph Young.

    -           -            Morgan - John T.  Rather and John Adams.

    -           -            Madison - Wm. J. Adair, John M. Leake, John Pope, Thos. Fearn, Christopher Hunt, Wm. Sanders and James W. McClung.

    -           -            Jackson & Decatur - Alexander Dulaney, Wm. Barclay and Thos. Bailey.


The House then proceeded to the choice of Speaker; whereupon, the election being conducted viva voce.  Arthur P. Bagby, one of the members from Monroe County, was duly elected Speaker.

Whereupon, Mr. Bagby being conducted to the Speaker’s Chair - he made his acknowledgements to the House.

The House then proceeded, to the election of principal clerk, whereupon, Nathaniel Dodson, was unanimously appointed.

The house then proceeded to the election of an engrossing clerk, Whereupon, William B. McClelland was duly elected.

The House then proceeded to the election of doorkeeper, Whereupon, Wm. T. Gamble, was duly elected.

The House then proceeded to the election of an assistant clerk, whereupon, Thomas B. Tunstall was duly elected.  And then the House adjourned till 3 o'clock in the evening.

Evening Session.

Mr. Hardwick offered the following resolution: Resolved, That the members of this House do now proceed to take the oath prescribed by the Constitution; and also the oath in conformity with an act, entitled “An Act to suppress duelling.”  Mr. Adair moved to amend said resolution, by striking therefrom, all after the word "Constitution," which was decided in the negative.

Mr. Hardwick’s resolution was then adopted.

The Speaker, the Members, and the Principal Clerk, then took the several oaths prescribed by the Constitution and Laws.

On motion of Mr. Morton, Resolved, that the following standing committees be appointed, to wit:

A committee of privileges and elections;

A committee of propositions and grievances;

A committee on enrolled bills;

A committee of inland navigation;

A judiciary committee;

A military committee;

A committee on roads, bridges, ferries, &c.

A committee on county boundaries;

A committee on schools, colleges and universities, and school and university lands;

A committee on ways and means;

A committee on accounts; and

A committee on divorce and alimony.

On motion of Mr. Davis, Resolved, that the door keeper be authorized and instructed to hire a servant during the sitting of the Legislature, for the purpose of performing such menial service as may be required while the house is in session, or by committees and clerks when the House is not in session.

Mr. Adair offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

Resolved, That the rules adopted for the government of the House of Representatives at the last session of the Legislature, be adopted as the rules of this House, until altered or amended; and that seventy copies thereof be printed for the use of the members.

And then the House adjourned till to-morrow morning 9 o’clock.