Academy at Greenville, incorporated 90
county court or, to make count records transcribed
at Rocky Mountain in Autauga, incor.
militia of, attached to 12th brigade
Acts & Journals, time for printing, ext'd. 100 Baldwin county, act regulating the fees of certain public officers in ?
Alabama, state of, civil and criminal jurisdiction extended over a part of the Creek nation



Byram, Ebenezer, authorized to sell a certain tract of land ?
act directing in what manner and in what courts suits may be bro't against
21 Baptist, John, emancipated ?
Alabama & Tennessee canal co. incor. 76-79 Capitol of the state of Ala. [see state capital] ?
Administrators, of Geo. Hardwick, to sell land, 103 Cahawba navigation co:, incorporated ?
of J. K. Brandon, to sell real estate
104 Cahawba, comm=rs appointed to report on claims of first purchasers of lots in ?
of Samuel Greenlee, to transfer certain land certificates
ib. Coleman, Daniel, act for relief of ?
of Wm. McAllistor, to transfer a certain certificate
107 Calvert, Edward, authorized to sell and convey a certain land certificate ?
of John Bowie, to sell and transfer real estate
108 Chastang, Bazile, to emancipate certain slaves ?
of Benj'n Averett, to transfer certain land certificates
110 Catherine, emancipated ?
Appeals of Writs of Error, when to be taken where the state is a party 21 Coline,                A ?
Appropriations, for payment of certain claims 98-101 Carthage, act to establish, repealed ?
for state officers, &c.
101 Clarke, county, election precincts ?
for digesting and revising the militia and patrol laws
41 Covington "       "          " ?
To James Childress
5 Conecuh            "          "  
To M. D. Williams and J. D. Terrell
104 Covington county, act to vest in co=y court powers heretofoto vested in comm'rs of county court of, to levy an extra tax



to A. P. Bagby, C Lewis and W. Kelly
105 Claims, against counties, when to be filed ?
to B. B. Breeden
111 Clerks and Sheriffs, of Henry, Pike & Covington, to keep their officers at C.H. ?
to R. Chapman
109 Commissioners, of Greenville, to transfer papers relative to lots, to the judge of Butler county court,



Arms, public, act to provide for the distribution of 7
for sixteenth section, township one range eleven, authorized to lease
how proportioned
for sixteenth, S. T. three, R. eleven w. of Huntsville, to lease said sec.
resolution for the preservation of
authorized to purchase S. E. qr. of S. 9, T. 3. R. eleven, w. of Huntsville
Armstrong, J. W. act for relief of 105
of roads and revenue of Lawrence, when to hold their courts
Alexander, emancipated 106 Constables, their fees' for serving notices ?
Archer, John, act for relief of securities of 110
act more effectually to protect
Assessors and Tax Collectors, how elected 10
act providing for the election of explained
elections of, to be returned to the judges of county courts
one to be elected for Sommerville
vacancies in, how filled
ib Coroners, act more effectually to protect ?
to take census
ib Choctawhatchee river, decl. public highway ?
Attorney General, duty of, in suits against the state 21 Comptroller of P.A. his duty in relation to disbursements from contingent fund ?
Autauga, county court, when held 17
his duty where judgement has been rendered against the state
county, boundary line defined
22 Costs, security for, to be given where defendant is held to bail ?
election precincts in
23-26 Courts, circuit, to have original jurisdiction in suits against the state ?
limits of, extended
extra terms in Mobile, when held
Bank of the State of Alabama, act to establish, amended 6
in Baldwin, when held
compensation of officers of, to be fixed by the General Assembly
ib Courts, county, in Limestone, when held 17,?
directors of, exempt from certain public duties
in Lauderdale
profits of, to be vested in stock
in Lawrence, Perry, Autauga, Montgomery, Dallas, Conecuh, Jefferson and Madison
injunction of secrecy upon the report of the relation to, removed
in Tuscaloosa
members of gen. assembly allowed to negotiate bills of exchange at
of Mobile, jurisdiction altered
Bail, in civil cases, on the subject of, amended 9
" judge of, his compensation
def'ts may be held to, by pl=ffs, giving security for costs of suit
of Perry, Franklin, Jefferson & Blount to have certain records transcribed
for treason or felony, on what terms to be granted
of Wilcox, to levy an extra tax
Butler county, election precinct in 23-26 Directors of the State Bank, exempt from certain public duties ?
Bibb "       "         "          " 23    
Blount "      "        "          " 24    

(Question marks indicate lost information due to improper printing of original book.)


Dale, county court, when held 17
Pikeville, town of
Dale, election precincts in 24
Pikeville Library company
Dallas,   "          " ib.
Trustees of Greenville academy
Digest of laws of Ala. act reducing price of 39
Molton troop of cavalry
Decatur, town of, incorporated 88
Free masons, at Clairborne
Duval, Dan'l, act for the relif of rep's of 103
Duvree, W. Bryant from Rhodicy Bryant 113
Tuscaloosa library company
Olivin A. Taylor from John Taylor ib.
Rocky mount academy
Kelly Stegall from Nancy Stegall ib. Isadore, emancipated 106
John Humblin from Hannah Humblin ib. Inhabitants of township one, range seven, act for relief of, amended 108
Morgan Buck from Luvinia Buck ib. Jefferson, county court, when held 17
John Diamond from Lizzy Diamond 114
precincts in
Mary Ducksworth fr. Geo Ducksworth ib. Jackson county, trustees of certain sixteenth sections in authorized to lease 32
Coleman Allen from Rebecca Allen ib.
election precincts in
Election precincts, in Autauga county 23, 26
act to establish seat of justice of, amended
in Butler
23, 26 Justices courts, witnesses attending, to receive compensation 22
in Limestone, Jackson, Montgomery, and Bibb
23 Justices of the Peace and Constables, act to provide for the election of, explained 43
in Pike, Dale, Henry, Shelby, Dallas, Blount, Jefferson, Monroe, Lawrence, and Franklin



Jurors, petit, pay of, in certain counties 41
in Mobile
24, 26
act more effectually to secure the compensation allowed to
in Conecuh, Clarke, Perry, Morgan
25 Judge of the first circuit, to hold two extra terms of the circuit court in Mobile 42
in Walter, Marion, Fayette, Tuscaloosa, Marion, and Covington
not required to alternate
Ernest, Polly, legitimated, and name changed from Stean 107 Lauderdale, county court, when held 17, 18
Ernest, J. C. "   "   "   " ib.
to set apart a fund to pay jurors
Franklin, county court, to have certain records transcribed 27 Limestone, county court, to set apart a fund to pay jurors 48
election precincts in
Election precincts in
Fayette, county election precincts in 26 Lawrence, county court, to set apart a fund to pay jurors 48
act relative to certain officers in
election precincts in
Ferries, authorized, at Dale - town, 54 Lotteries- authorized to raise a sum of money therein specified 30
at the Big Bend, on Alabama river
authorized for the benefit of Mobile school commissioners
over Big Bear creek
61 Lacoste, Augusta, to emancipate slaves 196
act to reduce into one the several acts concerning
62-72 Latham, Mary, act for the relief of 111
Flint river, act to improve navigation of 86 Mobile, marine railway and insurance company, incorporated 33-37
Florence, act incorporating, amended 92
act for the government of the port and harbor of, amended
Francois, emancipated 107
school commissioners authorized to raise a sum of money by lottery
Fostin emancipated ib.
county court, jurisdiction of, altered
Governor, authorized to settle the account between this state and Mississippi 11
hook and ladder company in, exempt from certain duties
to offer the university lands in Shelby and Bibb counties for sale
extra terms of the circuit court of the county of
20, 42
Greenville, academy, incorporated 90
public weigher in the city of, acts in relation to, amended
Justice of the peace and constable to be elected in
act concerning roads, highways and bridges, in the county of, amended
act to compel the com=rs of the town of, to transfer certain papers to the judge of the county court of Butler



election precincts in the co'ty of
25, 26
Gertrude, emancipated 107 Montgomery, county court of, when held 17
Grantland & Robinson, act for relief of 109
election precincts in
General Assembly, members of, may negotiate bills of exchange at state bank 116
intendant & town council of, where to hold their meetings
Henry county, sheriffs and clerks of, to keep their offices at the court house 27 Malicious mischief, laws for the punishment of, amended 48
election precincts in
24 Manslaughter, slaves of free persons of color, for commission of, how punished 42
Henry, Charles A. act for the relief of 114 Monroe county, election precincts in 24
Hunt, Seth, lease of salt springs extended 50 Morgan,       "          " 25
Hides, Zepheniah, act for the relief of 112 Marion and Madison,       " 26
Hall, James, act for the relief of ib. Madison, county court of, when held 17
Hark, A. O. act for the relief of ib. Muscle Shoals canal co., incorporated 79-86
Incorporations.- Mobile marine railway and insurance company 33-37    
Cahawba navigation company
Alabama and Tennessee canal co=y
Muscle shoals canal company
Flint river navigation company
Decatur, town of


Moulton, troop of cavalry, incorporated 91 Sommerville, citizens of to elect a constable 53
Militia- act to divide the 42d regiment 32 Salt Springs, lease of, to S. Hunt, extend ?
49th regiment formed
persons engaged in, exempt from militia duty
36th regiment divided
37 Shelby, county court to levy an extra tax ?
50th regiment formed
to alter a certain road
field officers of 50th regiment of, to organize a company of
county, boundary line defined
of the 46th and 16th regiment to form militia companies
election precincts in
12th regiment of, in St. Clair county, act to organize
40 Seat of Justice, in Jackson county ?
laws of, resolution relative to
act to establish amended
of Blount, attached to 12th brigade
ib. School com'rs, of T. 17, R. 13 to lease the 16th section ?
Marie, and others emancipated 105 St. Clair co.12th regt. in organized 40
Mitchell, Margueritte, emancipated 196 St. Stephens steam boat company, act incorporating repealed in part 90
McGrew, John, act for the relief of 169 Slaves, act to prohibit importation of 41
McDaniel,Wm. act for the relief of, amended 112
and free persons of color, punishment for manslaughter
Pickens, town of incorporated 59 Smith, Abram, authorized to erect a mill on Coosa River 56
Pea river, declared a public highway ib. Sims, Edward, authorized to make turnpike ib.
Pike county, sheriff and clerks of, to keep their offices at court house 27 Stean, Polly, legitimated, and name changed to Ernest 107
election precincts in
24 Stean, J. C. "       "        "         " ib.
Pikeville, town of incorporated 93 Tax collectors, how elected 10
library company, incorporated
vacancies in, how filled
Perry, county court of, to have certain records transcribed 27
to take census
election precincts in
24 Taxes [see Revenue] ?
Prisoners, officers paid for taking, from one county to another 33 Tuscaloosa, county court, when held 18
Petit Jurors, pay of, in certain counties 41
to set apart a fund to pay jurors
Physicians, in Mobile, how exempt from serving on juries 43
election precincts in
Property, what, exempt from execution ib.
library company incorporated
Philip, emancipated 106 Triana, act incorporating, amended 91
Revenue, act to raise a 11-16 Tuscumbia, act concerning the town of, amended. 46
Roads, bridges, ferries, &c., to reduce into one the several acts concerning 62-72 Trustees, of certain 16th sections, authorized to lease 38
in Mobile co. act concerning amended
59 Treasurers, to retain money to pay jurors, in certain counties 48
Shelby county court, to alter a certain road therein named
44 Toulmin, T. L. act for relief of 108
from Line creek to Coffeeville and to Tuscaloosa, act concerning
45 University, act establishing, amended 7
from Cahawba to Coffeeville, discon'd
In suits, by or against, the seal of the trustees, not necessary
Commissioners for, from Pickens' mill,in Marengo county, to Canton
lands of, in Shelby and Bibb, Gov. authorized to sell
from Canton to Pensacola
funds, vested in stock
fr. Blakely to upper line of Baldwin co.
lands, act to class and fix the price of, amended
from Selma to Cahawba
53 Volunteer corps, arms to be distributed, among 7
from Montevallo to Greensborough
54 Writs of Error, [Appeals.] ?
from the ferry in Montgomery to the Pine flat in Autauga
55 Witnesses, in justices= courts, their compensation 22
Ed. Sims authorized to make turnpike
56 Washington c’ty election precincts in 22
from Elyton to Montevallo
57 Walker       "       "         " 24
Wm. H. Ragsdale, act authorizing to make turnpike, amended
60 Wilcox, c'ty court, to levy extra tax 27
Abram Stout, act authorizing to make turnpike, amended
61 Whorton, W. authorized to build mill on Wills creek 53
Rodney, act incorporating, repealed 92    
Russelville, incorporated 94-97    
State Capital, act providing for erection of 3    
site for, how to be selected
additional lots for the erection of, act to secure
State House, resolution concerning the furniture in 115    
Suits, against the state, how instituted 21    
Sheriffs, act more effectually to secure 9    
to return elections of assessors to the judge of county court
of Henry, Covington and Pike, to keep their offices at court houses

(Question marks indicate lost information due to improper printing of original book.)