Thursday, December 14, 1826.

The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

Mr. Miller presented the petition of sundry citizens of Madison county, residing in the north-east section thereof praying a change in the election precincts; which was ordered to be referred to a select committee, to consist of Messrs. Miller, McCamy and Crabb.

Mr. Sullivan presented the petition of sundry citizens and land holders residing on the Cahawba river and contiguous thereto, in relation of the navigation of said river; which was ordered to be laid on the table.

Mr. Sullivan, from the select committee to which it was referred, reported the bill to be entitled an act to incorporate the Navigation Company of the Cahawba river, with sundry amendments; which were concurred in, and the bill was ordered to be engrossed, as amended, for a third reading on to-morrow.

A message was received from his Excellency the Governor by James I. Thornton, Esq. Secretary of State, as follows:


The Hon. the President and members of the Senate.

Gentlemen- I have now the honor to transmit a statement of the improvements of the salt works in this state.

I have the honor to be, most respectfully, your ob't serv't,

(Signed)                JOHN MURPHY.

Ordered, that the foregoing message, together with the documents accompanying it, be referred to the select committee which was raised on that part of the Governor's annual communication which relate to the salt works of this state.

And then the Senate adj'd till to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock.