Saturday, December 23, 1826.

The Senate met pursuant to adjournment- And the President being absent in attending a meeting of the Trustees of the University, Mr. Casey was called to the chair - And the Senate adjourned till 3 o'clock this evening.

3 o'clock P.M. The Senate met- And the President being still engaged in attending a session of the Trustees of the University, Mr. Bagby was called to the chair.

Mr. Casey called up the joint resolution appointing commissioners to report on the claims of the first purchasers of lots in Cahawba in 1819 to the next General Assembly. The question was then put, shall the resolution pass: and determined in the affirmative. Ordered, that it be reported to the House of Representatives for concurrence.

Mr. Jackson called up the communication from the Governor of yesterday, transmitting certain documents in relation to the dividing line between this state and Georgia. Ordered, that the communication and documents be referred to the select committee appointed on so much of the Governor's annual communication as relates to the subject of the dividing line.

A message from the House of Representatives by Mr. McClellan.

Mr. President- The House of Representatives insist on their disagreement to the amendment made by your hon. body to the bill entitled an act to alter the mode of the appointing assessors and tax collectors, and for other purposes, by striking out the 24 section, and inserting another in lieu thereof. They have appointed a committee on their part, to consist of Messrs. Weissenger, Davis of Fr, and Terry, to confer with such committee as may be appointed on the part of your hon. body in relation to said amendment.

Ordered, that the Senate adhere to their amendment to said bill, and that a committee of conference be appointed on the part of the Senate. Whereupon the committee was appointed, to consist of Messrs, Casey, Jackson and Powell.


A message from the Governor by Mr. Thornton. Mr. President: The Governor did on the 22d instant approve and sign the following bills: an act compelling clerks and sheriffs in certain counties in this state to keep their offices at their several court houses; an act to divorce John Diamond from Lizzy Diamond; and act to repeal in part an act to establish the town of Carthage in Tuscaloosa county; and, an act to change the time of holding the county courts in Jefferson and Madison counties: all of which originated in the Senate.

Mr. Barton introduced a bill to be entitled an act to procure surveys, plans and estimates in relation fo certain objects of internal improvement within this state; which was read, and ordered to a second reading on Tuesday next.

Mr. Crabb, from the select committee to which was referred a bill to be entitled an act to incorporate the town of Russelville in the state of Alabama, reported the same without amendment. Ordered, that the bill be read the third time on Tuesday next.

Ordered, that Messrs, Jackson and Gaines be added to the select committee appointed on so much of the Governor's message as relates to the dividing line between this state and Georgia.

Mr. Casey moved that the Senate adjourn till Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, Monday being Christmas day; which was carried - Yeas 11, nays 7.

The yeas and nays being desired, those who voted in the affirmative are, Messrs, Bagby, Brown, Casey, Crabb, Gaines, Jackson, Irwin, Jones, McCamy, Sullivan and Vanhoose.

Those who voted in the negative are, Messrs. Abercrombie, Ashe, Barton, Clay, Miller, Powell and Skinner.

So the Senate adjourned till Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock.