Wednesday, 22d November, 1826.

The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

In pursuance of an order of the Senate, Mr. President reported the following standing committees:

A committee of propositions and grievances- to consist of Messrs. Gaines, Miller, Jones, Merriwether and McCamy.

A joint committee on enrolled bills- to consist of Messrs. Powell, Barton and Merriwether.

A committee on inland navigation- to consist of Messrs, Clay, Miller, Vanhoose, Gaines and Crabb.

A judiciary committee- to consist of Messrs. Bagby, Barton, Powell, Sullivan and Jackson.

A military committee- to consist of Messrs. Crabb, Irwin, Abercrombe, Vanhoose and Skinner.

A committee on roads, bridges and ferries- to consist of Messrs. Casey, Ashe, Jones, Skinner and Clay.

A committee on county boundaries- to consist of Messrs. Abercrombie, Irwin, McCamy, Vanhoose and Brown.

A committee on schools and colleges, and school and college lands- to consist of Messrs, Barton, Casey, Sullivan, Jackson and Bagby.

A committee on accounts and claims- to consist of Messrs. Brown, Clay, Powell, Merriwether and McCamy.

A committee on the State Bank- to consist of Messrs. Jackson, Casey, Bagby, Powell and Gaines: and

A committee of divorce and alimony- to consist of Messrs. Sullivan, Barton, Merriwether, Jones and Irwin.


Mr. Casey presented the petition of sundry persons, relating to the improvement of the navigation of the Cahawba river, and praying the incorporation of a company for that purpose; which was read, and ordered to lie on the table.

Mr. Brown presented the petition of John Smith, praying the passage of a law, authorizing him to emancipate a slave; which was read, and referred to a special committee, consisting of Messrs. Brown, Miller and Abercrombie.

Mr. Casey presented the return of the Quarter Master General, shewing the strength and condition of the militia of this state; which was referred to the military committee.

Mr. Casey offered the following resolution: Resolved, That a committee be appointed to examine and report what alterations or amendments, if any, are necessary in the rules for the government of the Senate; which was adopted: whereupon Messrs. Casey, Bagby and Crabb were appointed the committee.

Mr. Brown presented the petition of sundry inhabitants of Walker county, relating to the location of the permanent seat of justice of said county; which was read, and referred to the committee on county boundaries.

Mr. Jones offered the following resolution: Resolved, that the Secretary of State communicate to the Senate such bonds and papers as may be deposited in his office, for securing the titled, in fee simple, to such town lots in Tuskaloosa as have been made a donation to the State; and also, further, to give such other papers and deeds relative thereto as may remain in his possession; which was adopted.

Mr. Vanhoose offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That this House, with the concurrence of the House of Representatives, will proceed to the election of a Public Printer, at the hour of 3 o'clock, this afternoon; which was adopted.

Ordered, That the resolution be conveyed to the Houses of Representatives for their concurrence.

And then the Senate adjourned till to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock.