Wednesday, Nov. 21st, 1827.

The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

Mr. Hubbard presented the petition of William Furgason of Laurence county praying the Legislature to provide him compensation for the injury done to his land by reason of a public road being laid out through it; which was read and referred to the committee on propositions and grievances to consider and report thereon.

Thomas Evans, a Senator from the district composed of the counties of Monroe, and Wilcox, elected to supply the vacancy, occasioned by the resignation of Arthur P. Bagby, appeared, produced the evidence of his election was qualified and took his seat.


Mr. Powell offered the following resolution: Resolved, That there be appointed by the President of the Senate an additional standing committee to be denominated a committee on the Public Buildings; which was adopted, the Senate resumed the consideration of the Resolution offered yesterday by Mr. Sullivan upon the subject of a postponement of the sales of the public lands in the Tuskaloosa and Cahawba Districts.  The question being put on the adoption of the Resolution it was determined in the affirmative. - yeas 14, nays 3. The yeas and nays being desired those who voted in the affirmative are Mr. President, Ashe, Brown, Casey, Crabb, Earle, Hubbard, Irwin, Jones, McCamy, Moore, Powell, Skinner, & Sullivan- Those who voted in the negative are Messrs. Evans, Jackson and Merriwether. - So the resolution was adopted, whereupon Messrs Sullivan, Casey & Hubbard were appointed the committee to draft the Resolution to our Senators and Representatives in Congress.

Mr. Hubbard offered the following Resolution. Resolved, That the judiciary committee be instructed to enquire into the expediency of passing such laws as shall exclude from office, from the right of suffrage and serving as jurors persons who may hereafter be convicted of bribery, perjury, forgery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the committee be instructed to report by bill or otherwise; which was adopted.

Mr. Casey offered the following resolution Resolved That the Secretary cause to be printed fifty copies of the rules heretofore adopted for the Government of the Senate, and that the said rules be adopted for its government until altered; which was agreed to. In pursuance of an order of the Senate Mr. President reported the following standing committees to wit:

A committee on propositions and grievances- to consist of Messrs. McCamy, Miller, Jones, Merriwether and Ashe.

A joint committee on enrolled bills- to consist of Messrs. Powell, Barton, and Merriwether.

A committee on Inland Navigation- to consist of Messrs. Earle, Evans, Jackson Crabb and Irwin.

A judiciary committee - to consist of Messrs. Barton, Hubbard, Sullivan, Jackson and Powell.

A military committee- to consist of Messrs. Crabb, Irwin, Abercrombie, Skinner, and Miller.

A committee on Roads, Bridges and Ferries- to consist of Messrs. Casey, Moore, Ashe, Jones and Skinner.

A committee on county boundaries- to consist of Messrs. Abercrombie, Ashe, Irwin, Brown and Shackleford.

A committee on schools and colleges and school and college lands- to consist of Messrs. Shackleford, Casey, Jackson, Barton and Hubbard.

A committee on accounts and claims- to consist of Messrs. Brown, Powell, Evans, Merriwether and McCamy.

A committee on divorce and alimony- to consist of Messrs. Sullivan, Moore, Merriwether, Jones and Irwin.

A committee on public buildings- to consist of Messrs. Hubbard, Powell, Earle, Jackson, and Crabb.

A committee on the state bank- to consist of Messrs. Jackson, Casey, Earle, Barton and Sullivan.

And then the Senate adjourned till tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.