First Territorial Session, Jan - Feb 1818

House Journal

Journal of the Legislative Council


1st Territorial Session - House Journal

1st Territorial Session - Journal of the Legislative Council

1st Territorial Session - Acts

  • TitlePage
  • Pages3-12
    • To amend the laws concerning Public Printing.
    • To amend the Laws now in force respecting public roads.
    • To abolish the right of survivorship in all cases.
    • To divorce Elizabeth Bennett from James Bennett, her husband.
    • To establish the counties of Cotaco, Lawrence and Franklin.
  • Pages 12-21
    • To establish the Western and Southern boundaries of Madison County, and to establish the counties of Limestone and Lauderdale.
    • To establish the counties of Blount, Tuskaloosa and Marengo.
  • Pages 21-32
    • To alter and extend the boundaries of Washington, Baldwin and Mobile Counties.
    • To incorporate the President and Trustees of the St. Stephens Academy.
    • Authorizing the taking the Census of the Alabama Territory.
    • To establish the counties of Shelby and Cahawba.
  • Pages 32-46
    • For the better regulation of judicial proceedings.
    • For the Government of the Town of Blakely.
  • Pages 47-52
    • To establish the County of Dallas.
    • Concerning certain Islands in the River Tennessee.
    • To incorporate the St. Stephens Steam Boat Company.
  • Pages 52-60
    • Concerning Writs of Error.
    • To alter and amend an act, entitled "An Act concerning Escheats."
    • Concerning the style of Writs.
    • Appointing Commissioners to select a temporary place for holding the Courts in Montgomery county.
    • To alter and extend the boundaries of Marengo County.
    • To authorise Honore Colin to manumit his female slave Rozetta.
    • To authorize the change of Venue, in real Actions.
  • Pages 61-76
    • To amend and after the laws for the punishment of crimes and Misdemeanors.
    • To establish the Tombeckbe Bank, in the Town of St. Stephens.
  • Pages 76-81
    • Authorizing the building of Bridges on Santa Bogue and Pine Barren Creeks, in Washington County.
    • Entitled an act, to alter the mode of assessing and collecting Taxes, in the counties of Washington and Montgomery.
    • Concerning the distribution of the Laws and Journals.
  • Pages 82-92
    • To amend the Militia Laws for other purposes.
    • To incorporate the Town of Rodney, and for other purposes.
    • To amend an act entitled an act against Usury.
    • To fix the compensation of the members of the General Assembly.
    • Further to enable the County Court of Madison, to complete the Public Buildings of said County.
    • For the relief of Tax Collectors.
  • Pages 92-100
    • To appoint Commissioners, to ascertain and report the most suitable and practicable route for a road, from the Falls of the Tuskaloosa, to the Tennessee River.
    • Appointing Commissioners to examine and report to the Governor the most eligible site for the seat of the Territorial Government.
    • To establish the Counties of Marion and Conecuh.
    • To provide for the appointment of Attornies General, and to establish their Districts.
  • Pages 100-110
    • To authorise John S. Divin to emancipate his Negro slave Robin, alias Robert Long.
    • To authorise the Trustees of the St. Stephens Academy to raise a fund by Lottery, for the use of said Academy.
    • Extending the right of Representation to certain Counties therein named.
    • To amend the Laws for raising a Revenue.
    • Concerning Oaths of Office.
    • To alter and amend an act, entitled "An act to establish a Bank at Huntsville"
    • For the relief of James Caller.
    • To authorize the Administrators of William Gillam deceased, to sell real Estate.
    • To authorise Daniel Reed to emancipate his Mulatto slave Rose.
  • Pages 110-116
    • To Divorce Lucretia Dearmond from James Dearmond.
    • To authorise the Administrators of James Allsup deceased, to sell real Estate.
    • Making appropriations to certain persons therein named.
    • A joint Resolution authorising the Governor to draw upon the State of Mississippi for any monies due the Alabama Territory.
    • A joint Resolution appointing Commissioners to mark out a road from the Town of Blakely to Fort Claiborne.
    • A joint Resolution making appropriation for the Sergeant at Arms.
    • A joint Resolution increasing the compensation of the Door keepers.
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