ON the first Monday of November, being the day fixed by law for the meeting of the General Assembly, the following members of the House of Representatives appeared, and took their seats, viz.

From the county of Madison - Frederick Weeden, Samuel Chapman, John McKinley, John M. Leake, John Vining, David Moore, Samuel Walker.

From the county of Monroe- John Murphy, George W. Owen, James H. Draughan, Samuel Dale, Thomas Evans.

From the county of Limestone- John S. Doxey, William Edmundson, Quin Morton.

From the county of Shelby- Benjamin Davis, Jack Shackleford.

From the county of Montgomery- Larkin Cleaveland, James Abercrombie, Joseph Fitzpatrick.

From the county of Washington- James Tagert, Benjamin S. Smoot.

From the county of Tuskaloosa- Hardin Perkins, Jeptha V. Isbell, James Hill.

From the county of Lawrence- Samuel Bigham, Matthew Clay.

From the county of Franklin- John Duke, Temple Sargent.

From the county of Cotaco- McKenney Holderness, John T. Rather.

From the county of Clarke- William Murrell, George U. Creagh

From the county of Cahawba- Gabriel Benson.

From the county of Conecuh- Samuel Cook, Thomas Armstrong.

From the county of Dallas- Isaac McMeans, Horatio G. Perry.

From the county of Marengo- John Coats.

From the county of Marion- James Moore.

From the county of Lauderdale- Hugh McVay, Jonathan Bailey.

From the county of Autauga- James Jackson, Philip Fitzpatrick.

From the county of Baldwin- Joseph Mims.

From the county of Mobile- Francis W. Armstrong.

From the county of Blount- Isaac Brown, John Browne, Col. John Brown.

From the county of St. Clair - Phillip Coleman.

On motion of Mr. Murphy, Mr. Walker was called to the chair.

On motion of Mr. Perry, Mr. Lane was elected clerk pro tem.

On motion of Mr. McKinley, resolved, that the House do now pro-


ceed to the election of a Speaker, whereupon , the election being conducted, viva voce, Mr. George H. Owen, was elected Speaker, and being conducted to the chair, made his acknowledgments to the House and proceeded to the duties thereof.

On motion of Mr. McKinley, resolved, That this House do now proceed to the election of principal clerk, and the election being constitutionally conducted, James J. Pleasants was announced duly elected.

On motion of Mr. McVay, the House proceeded to elect a door keeper, and the election being constitutionally conducted Mr. Speaker announced Daniel Rather unanimously elected. And then the House adjourned until 10 o'clock to-morrow.