Tuesday, November 7, 1820.

The House met pursuant to adjournment.

On motion of Mr. Walker, resolved, That the members of this House do now proceed to take the oath prescribed by the Constitution, and also by the act passed at the last session of the General Assembly, entitled "an act, to suppress duelling," which said oaths was administered to Mr. Speaker, and all the members present.

The Clerk was also qualified by taking the oaths prescribed by law.

A message from the Senate by Mr. Williams their Secretary.

Mr. Speaker- I am directed to inform this House, that a quorum of the Senate is assembled, that they have elected the Honourable Gabriel Moore, of Madison, their President, Marmaduke Williams, Secretary, and Matthew W. McClellan, door keeper, and that the Senate are ready to proceed to business.

On motion, ordered that Messrs. McVay and Murphy, be instructed to inform the Senate, that a quorum of the House of Representatives is convened, and that they have elected Mr. George W. Owen, of Monroe, Speaker, James J. Pleasants, principal clerk, and David Rather, door keeper, and that the House of Representatives are ready to proceed to business.

On motion of Mr. Chapman, the House proceeded to elect an assistant clerk, whereupon John G. Graham was duly elected.

On motion of Mr. Morton, ordered that Mr. Parsons, Editor of the Alabama Watchman, be assigned a seat within the bar of this House for the purpose of reporting the proceedings thereof.

On motion of Mr. Murphy, ordered, that the rules issued at the last session of the legislature, for the government of the proceedings of the House of Representatives, be adopted by this House until other rules shall be drafted and accepted by the same.

On motion of Mr. Perkins, Ordered, That a committee be appointed to draft rules of order and decorum for the government of the proceedings of this House; whereupon Messrs. Perkins, Murphy and McKinley were appointed said committee.

Mr. Walker moved that the following standing committees be appointed: to wit; A Committee of Accounts, A Committee of Election, A Committee of Ways and Means, A Committee of Claims, A Committee of Propositions and Grievances, A Committee of Enrolled Bills, A Committee of Navigation, A Judiciary Committee.

Mr. McKinley moved an amendment by inserting the words "privileges and" before the word "elections," so as to read " a committee of privileges and elections."


Mr. Murphy moved an amendment by inserting the word "inland" before the word "navigation;" and Mr. Holderness moved an amendment by adding a military committee; which said amendments were agreed to by the House.

A motion was made by Mr. Chapman, and seconded: to wit.

That ____ members of this House be appointed a committee to act with a committee to be appointed on the part of the Senate to wait on the Acting Governor, and inform him that this House is now organized and ready to receive any communication that he may please to make. And the House having proceeded to take said motion into consideration.

The House adjourned till ten o'clock to-morrow.