Wednesday, November 8, 1820.

The House met pursuant to adjournment.

On motion of Mr. McMeans, Ordered, That William B. Allen, Editor of the Cahawba Press, be permitted to take a seat within the bar of this House, for the purpose of reporting the preceedings thereof.

The House then resumed the consideration of the motion to appoint a committee to act with the committee to be appointed on the part of the Senate to wait on his Honour the Acting Governor; and after spending some time in the consideration thereof, on motion, it was ordered, that the gentlemen have leave to withdraw the same.

In pursuance of the order of the House, Mr. Speaker reported the following standing committees: to wit:

A Committee of Accounts; to consist of Messrs. Walker, Tagert, Abercrombie, Davis, and Bailey.

A Committee of Privileges and Elections; to consist of Messrs. Fitzpatrick of Autauga, Draughan, Edmundson, Isbell, and Mims.

A Committee of Ways and Means; to consist of Messrs. Murphy, Moore of Madison, Jackson, Cook, Isaac Brown, McKinley, and Cleveland.

A Committee of Claims; to consist of Messrs. Vining, John Brown, Hill, Moore of Marion and Coleman.

A Committee of Propositions and Grievances; to consist of Messrs. McVay, Coats, Fitzpatrick of Montgomery, Murrell, and Holderness.

A Committee of Enrolled Bills; to consist of Messrs. Chapman, Morton, Draughan, Clay and Benson.

A Committee of Inland Navigation; to consist of Messrs. Weedon, Evans, Creagh, Sargent, Bigham, Armstrong of Conecuh and Rather.

A Judiciary Committee; to consist of Messrs. McKinley, Perkins, McMeans, Perry, Murphy, Chapman, and Duke.

A Military Committee; to consist of Messrs. Armstrong of Mobile, Col. John Brown, Walker, Dale, Smoot, Perkins and Doxey.

Mr. McKinley moved that the credentials of the members elected to this House, from the county of Jackson, be referred to the Committee of Privileges and Elections, which was decided in the affirmative.

A message from the Senate by Mr. Casey- Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Representatives. The Senate have adopted the following resolution, in which they desire your concurrence : Ordered, That a committee be appointed on the part of the Senate, together with such committee as may be appointed on the part of the


House of Representatives, to wait on his Honour the Acting Governor and inform him that the General Assembly is organized, and ready to receive any communication he may think proper to make; and the Senate have appointed Messrs. Gause and Casey for what purpose.

Mr. Chapman moved, that this House do concur with the Senate in a third resolution, to appoint a committee to wait on his Honour the Acting Governor, which said motion was decided in the affirmative; whereupon Messrs. Chapman and Smoot were appointed on the part of the House of Representatives to carry said resolution into effect.

On motion of Mr. Weedon, Ordered, That the Door-keeper to this House be instructed to have the stairs leading to the Hall of the House of Representatives covered with carpeting.

On motion of Mr. Cleveland, Ordered, That a committee of two members be appointed on the part of this House, to act in conjunction with such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to inquire and report on the subject of printing the Journals and laws of the General Assembly, and such other public printing as be necessary; and Messrs. Cleveland, and Walker were appointed said committee. And then

The House adjourned until ten o'clock to-morrow.