Wednesday, January 21, 1818.

The House met pursuant to adjournment.

Mr. Lipscomb, from the committee appointed for the purpose of contracting for a house, furniture and fuel for the use of the Legislature of the Alabama Territory during its present session; made the following report, viz : That your committee having carefully examined the several houses, proposed for your accommodation and after due deliberation are of opinion, that but one house, is calculated for that purpose to wit: the two rooms in Douglas' Hotel, wherein the Legislative Council and House of Representatives now hold their sessions, and have therefore contracted with messrs. Dennison, Darling and Silas


Dinsmoor, a committee on the part of the trustees of the town of St. Stephens, for the rooms above mentioned and necessary furniture and fuel at the rate of eight dollars per diem.

On motion of Mr. Clay,

The said report was received and agreed to.

On motion of Mr. Walker

The house resolved itself into a committee of the whole to take into consideration the Governor's message, and after some time spent therein, Mr. Speaker resumed the chair, and Mr. Lipscomb reported that the committee of the whole had had under their consideration, the various subjects referred to in said message, and had gone through the same. Whereupon, on motion of Mc'Vay; the several resolutions adopted by the committee were read and agreed to by the house.

Mr. Lipscomb, moved that the House resolve itself into a committee of the whole, on the resolution embracing the subject of a Delegate to Congress.

Whereupon Mr. Walker moved


a postponement of the subject until to-morrow, and, the question being taken thereon, and the house being equally divided, Mr. Speaker voted in the affirmative.

Mr. Smith, moved the following resolution; Resolved that a committee be appointed to enquire if any, and if any, what alterations are necessary to be made in the law allowing compensation to the public Printer, with powers to receive proposals from any applicant for that appointment, with leave to report by bill or otherwise.

Mr. Walker then moved to strike out the following clause "with power to receive proposals from any applicant for that appointment, with leave to report by bill or otherwise," and insert in lieu thereof the following clause, "in the instructions to report at the meeting of the House to-morrow." And upon the question being taken, it was resolved in the affirmative, and Messrs. Smith, Mc'Vay, Robishow, McGrew and Everitt were appointed accordingly.

On motion of Mr. Walker,


Resolved, that the house do now adjourn until to morrow morning ten o'clock A. M.