Thursday, January 22, 1818.

The house met pursuant to adjournment.

Mr. Walker from the committee appointed to prepare and report rules of order, and decorum and debate for the government of this house; made report thereon, which, on motion of Mr. Lipscomb was received and agreed to.

On motion of Mr. Clay

Ordered that fifty copies of the said rules be printed for the use of the members of the Legislative Council and House of Representatives.

Mr. Clay presented the petition of Robert R. Allsup administrator, and guardian of the heir of James Allsup dec. and Phebe Allsup wife of said James Allsup dec. praying an act to pass to authorise them to sell and convey a certain tract of land therein mentioned, which was read; and on motion of Mr. Clay referred to the committee of propositions and grievances.


Mr. Clay presented the petition of Robert L. Walton, and Thomas Land Junr. administrators of William Gillam dec. praying that an act may be passed to authorise them to sell and convey certain lands therein mentioned, which was also read and referred to the committee of propositions and grievances.

On motion of Mr. Clay,

Resolved that the following standing committees be appointed, viz:

A committee of elections,

A committee of ways and means,

A committee of claims,

A committee of revisal and unfinished business.

A committee of accounts,

A committee of propositions and grievances and

A committee of enrolled bills

And they were accordingly appointed in manner following viz:

Of Elections- Messrs M'Grew, Lipscomb, Slade.

Of Ways and Means- Messrs. Smith, Everitt, Walker

Of Propositions and Grievances. - Messrs Clay, Robishow, Dale.


Of Claims- Messrs Lipscomb, Fitzpatrick, M'Grew.

Of Accounts- Messrs M'Vay, Smith, Slade.

Of Revisal and Unfinished Business- Messrs Everitt, Fitzpatrick, Dale.

Of Enrolled Bills- Messrs Walker, Lipscomb, Clay.

Mr. Lipscomb gave notice that on Monday next, he should ask for leave to bring in a bill to amend an act "Entitled an act against Usury passed on the 1st of March 1805."

Mr. Clay gave notice that on Monday next, he should ask leave to introduce a bill for the better regulation of Judicial proceedings.

On motion of Mr. Walker,

Resolved, that a committee of three members be appointed to superintend the printing and examine the proof sheet of the standing rules for conducting the business of the House of representatives ordered to be printed: Whereupon Messrs. Walker, Clay and Lipscomb, were appointed.

The order of the day on the res-


olution embracing so much of the Governors message as relates to the election of a delegate to Congress being called for, and the question put "will the house now resolve itself into the committee of the whole?" it was resolved in the negative.

On motion of Mr. Lipscomb,

Resolved, that the order of the day on said subject, be postponed until Monday next.

On motion of Mr. Fitzpatrick,

Resolved, that the house do now adjourn until to-morrow ten o'clock A. M.