Of the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the State of Alabama, begun and held in the town of Huntsville, on the fourth Monday in October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, and of American Independence the forty fourth, it being the first Legislature held conformably to the provisions of the Constitution.

The following members of the House of Representatives appeared, produced their necessary credentials and took, their seats- to-wit:

From the county of Autauga, Philips Fitzpatrick, Charles A. Dennis,

From the county of Blount. John Brown, Isaac Brown, & Benjamin Matterson

From the county of Cahawba Jonathan Jones

From the county of Clarke, Wm. Murrell, and G. M. Creagh.

From the county of Conecuh, Wm Lee, and Thomas Watts.

From the county of Cotaco, Melcijah Vaughn, and John M'Carley

From the county of Dallas, Edwin D. King, and James Saffold,

From the county of Franklin, Temple Sergent and Anthony Winston.

From the county of Lauderdale, Thomas Gerrard and Jacob Byler.

From the county of Limestone, Nicholas Davis, James W. Exum and Wm. Whitaker.

From the county of Marion Silas McBee

From the county of Madison Samuel Walker, Epps Moody, J. G. Birney, Samuel Chapman, Griffin Lamkin, John L. Towns, Frederick Weedon and Issac Wellbourn.

From the county of Monroe, James Dellet, Wm. Bates, Pascal Harrison and George W. Owen.


From the county of Montgomery, John Edmundson, Joseph Fitzpatrick and Larkin Cleveland.

From the county of Lawrence, Lewis Dillahunty and Samuel Bigham.

From the county of Shelby, Jesse Wilson and Arthur Taylor.

From the county of St. Clair James Hardwick.

From the county of Tuscaloosa, James Hill, Hardin Perkins and Julius Simms.

From the county of Washington John F. Everett and James Thompson.

A quorum consisting of a majority of the whole number of members being present, the house proceeded to the choice of chairman.

Whereupon, Philip Fitzpatrick of Autauga county, was duly chosen, and was accordingly conducted to the chair.

On motion resolved, that this house do now proceed to the appointment of Speaker, whereupon James Dellett Esq. a member from the county of Monroe, was duly elected and conducted to the chair, from whence he made his acknowledgments to the house.

On motion resolved, that this house do now proceed to elect a clerk whereupon Jonas J. Bell was duly elected.

On motion of Mr. Everett, resolved that the house proceed to elect an engrossing clerk, when on counting the votes, it appeared that E. M. Tate was duly elected. On motion of Mr. Vaughn, resolved, that the house proceed to the election of a door-keeper, and on counting the votes it appeared that Daniel Rather was duly elected.

On motion of Mr. Moody, resolved, that this house appoint a committee of three for the purpose of drafting rules for the government of this house whereupon, George W. Owen, James G. Birney and Saml. Chapman were appointed.

On motion of Mr. Vaughn, resolved, that the rules


of the Legislature of the Alabama Territory, be the rules of this house until the committee make report.

On motion ordered, that this house do now adjourn till to-morrow morning 10 o'clock.