ON Monday the fifteenth day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four, the day appointed by law for the meeting of the General Assembly, the following members of the House of Representatives, appeared, were qualified and took their seats, to wit:

                    From the county of Mobile- Willouby Barton.

Conecuh- Samuel W. Oliver, Nathan Cook and John Green.

Monroe- A. P. Bagby, Samuel Dale, & John W. Moore.

Clarke- John G. Creagh and Richard Dickerson.

Henry- William C. Watson.

Wilcox- John Beck.

Dallas- Walter Crenshaw and Joseph Pickens.

Perry- George Weissinger & Charles J. Shackleford.

Marengo- William Fluker.

Greene- Zachariah Merriwether and Ezekiel Pickens.

Tuscaloosa- Hardin Perkins, John L. Tindall and R. E. B.  Baylor.

Bibb- Alexander Hill and Jonathan Jones.

Montgomery- James Abercrombie & Andrew Baxter.

Baldwin- Silas Dinsmore, jr.

Shelby- Samuel W. Mardis.

St. Clair- George Shotwell and Philip Coleman.

Jefferson- Thos. W. Farrar & Benjamin Worthington.

Blount- Marston Mead.

Marion- James Moore.

Franklin- Theophilus Skinner and Wm. W. Parham.

Lauderdale- Jacob Byler and John P Cunningham.

Limestone- Quin Morton, Joshua L. Martin, William Edmondson and James W. Exum.

Lawrence- Zadock McVay, James McCord and John White.

Morgan- John T. Rather and Robert Tapscot.

Autauga- William R. Pickett.

Madison- James W. Camp, Samuel Walker, (Speaker), Anthony H. Metcalf, Thomas Miller, John Vining, Isaac Lanier, and Wm. Fleming.

Jackson & Decatur- Daniel Peyton, Wm. D. Gaines, and Samuel Moore.

The House then proceeded to the election of a Speaker and the election being conducted viva voce, SAMUEL WALKER, one of the members from Madison county, was duly elected: whereupon, Mr. Wal-


ker being conducted to the Speaker’s chair, made his acknowledgments to the House, and entered on the discharge of his duties.

The House then proceeded to the election of a Principal Clerk: whereupon N. Dodson, was duly elected, and having been qualified as the law directs, entered on the discharge of his duties.

The House then proceeded to the election of a Door-Keeper:- whereupon Elijah Wyatt was duly elected.

A message from the Senate by Mr. Casey:- Mr. Speaker, I am instructed to inform your honorable body, that the Senate have convened and have elected the honorable Nicholas Davis, from Limestone, their President, Francis S. Lyon, Secretary, David H. Burke, Assistant Secretary, and Matthew D. Thomason, Door-Keeper and are ready to proceed to business.

And then the House adjourned till 3 o’clock this evening.

Evening, 3 o’clock.- The House then proceeded to the election of an Engrossing clerk: whereupon Wm. B. McLellan was duly elected, and who being duly qualified, entered on the discharge of his duties.

The House then proceeded to the election of an Assistant clerk:- whereupon Thomas B. Tinstall was duly elected, and who being duly qualified, entered on the discharge of his duties.

On motion of Mr. Morton, Resolved, that a committee be appointed to wait on the Senate, informing them that the Representative branch of the Legislature is now organized, that they have elected the Hon. Samuel Walker, Speaker, Nat. Dodson, Principal clerk, Thos. B. Tinstall, Assistant clerk, Wm. B. McLellan, Engrossing clerk, and Elijah Wyatt, Door-Keeper and that they are ready to proceed to business: whereupon, Messrs. Morton & Vining were appointed said committee.

On motion of Mr. Pickett, Resolved that a committee of two persons be appointed on the part of this House, to act with such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on his excellency the Governor informing him that the two Houses are now organized and ready to receive any communication he may please to make:- whereupon Messrs. Pickett and Mead were appointed said committee.

On motion of Mr. Morton, it was agreed that the following Standing Committees be now appointed.

On Privileges and Elections, consisting of Messrs. Baylor, Skinner, Exum, Miller, Farrar, Dickerson, and Oliver.

A committee of Propositions and Grievances, consisting of Messrs. Crenshaw, Abercrombie, Pickett, Fleming and Tindall.

A committee on Enrolled Bills, consisting of Messrs. Ruffin, Oliver, and Vining.

A committee on Inland Navigation, consisting Messrs. Perkins, Dale, Peyton, Camp and Dinsmore.

A committee on Roads, Bridges and Ferries, consisting of Messrs. Vining, Edmondson, Fluker, Green and Byler.

A committee of Ways and Means, consisting of Messrs. Crenshaw, Watson, Lanier, Beck, Parham, White and Moore of Mar.

A Military committee, consisting of Messrs. Farrar, Metcalf, Cook, Pickens of Dal, and Moore of Mon.

A Judiciary committee, consisting of Messrs. Bagby, Martin, Baylor, Morton, Hill, Cunningham and Creagh.

A committee on County Boundaries, consisting of Messrs. Exum, Weissinger, Merriwether, McVay and Skinner.


A committee on Schools, Colleges and Universities, and School and University Lands, consisting of Messrs. Barton, Shackleford, Mardis, Pickens of Greene and McCord.

A committee on Accounts, consisting of Messrs. Baxter, Moore of J. Worthington, Rather and Shotwell.

A committee on Divorce and Alimony, consisting of Messrs. Mead, Coleman, Gaines, Tapscot and Jones.

And the House adjourned till 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.