SATURDAY, Oct. 30, 1819.

The senate met agreeably to adjournment.

Mr Gause presented the petitions of sundry citizens of new Philadelphia, and East Alabama praying for incorporation by the name of Montgomery.

On motion ordered that said petition be referred to a select committee, whereupon, Messrs. Gause, Sims, and Casey were appointed.


Mr. Casey presented the petition of sundry citizens of Dallas county, praying that a law may be passed authorizing the erection of a public Bridge across the Cahawba river, opposite the town of Cahawba.

Ordered that said petition be referred to the committee on the Town of Cahawba.

Mr. Rose gave notice, that on Monday next he would move for leave to introduce a bill having for its object an amendment to the thirteenth section of the constitution of this State, so far as relates to the appointment of Judges of the Superior Courts of this state.

On motion of Mr. Garth, a message was sent to the house of representatives, informing them that the senate concurred in the proposition by them made on yesterday, for both branches to meet in their chamber to day at 11 o'clock for the purpose of counting out the votes for Governor of the State of Alabama.

On motion of Mr.. Moore, the following was adopted as an additional rule for the government of the senate.

When a motion has been once made and carried in the affirmative or negative it shall be in order for any member in the majority, to move for a reconsideration thereof, so long as the paper remains to the possession of the senate.

On motion ordered, that Messrs. Metcalf and Chambers be added to the military committee.

Mr. . Farmer presented the following resolution: Resolved, that it is expedient to appoint another clerk to the senate of the state of Alabama during the present session of Assembly --- which on motion was ordered to lie on the table.

Mr. Garth gave notice that on Monday next be would move for leave to introduce a resolution having for its object the enacting a law prescribing the way the Governor shall be informed of his election


and how he shall be qualified to discharge the duties of his office.

On motion of Mr. Rose ordered that a message be sent to the house of representatives informing them the senate were ready to proceed to their chamber for the purpose of counting out the votes for Governor.

Messrs. Vaughan and King informed the senate that the house of representatives were ready to receive them, whereupon the members of the senate repaired to the representatives' chamber, and having taken their seats, Mr. Speaker proceeded to open and publish the returns from the several counties- which having been done, Mr. Speaker declared His Excellency WILLIAM W. BIBB to have eight thousand three hundred and forty-two votes; And Marmaduke Williams, Esq. seven thousand, one hundred and forty votes.

His Excellency William W. Bibb having a majority, Mr. Speaker, arose and announced that William W. Bibb was duly elected Governor of the State of Alabama for the ensuing two years - whereupon the members of the senate returned to their own chamber and Mr. President resumed the chair.

On motion the senate adjourned until Monday morning 10 o'clock.