TUESDAY, Nov. 2, 1819.

The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

Mr Metcalf, presented the petition of William Russell and Joshua Gotcher praying the passage of a law authorizing them as administrators of Abraham Beaty, deceased, to sell on thirty days notice, certain lands of which said Abraham died possessed.

On motion ordered, that said petition be referred to a select committee: whereupon messrs. Metcalf, Terrell and Herbert, were appointed.

Mr Casey presented the petition of sundry citizens of the town of Cahawba, praying a donation of a block of lots in the reservation for the Seat of Government in this State, for the benefit of an Academy which was referred to the committee on the town of Cahawba.

Mr. Moore from the committee appointed to wait on


His Ex. William W. Bibb, and inform him of his election, reported that they had performed that service.

On motion of Mr. Metcalf , ordered that Messrs Terrel and Farmer be added to the committee on roads and navigation.

On motion of Mr. Moore, resolved, that a committee be appointed on the part of the senate, with such committee as may be appointed on the part of the house of representatives to inform His Excellency the Governor that on the 28th day of October, the two houses proceeded to elect two senators to the Congress of the United States; when John W. Walker and William R. King were duly elected -- whereupon Messrs. Moore, Casey and Ware were appointed.

Ordered that a message be sent to the house of representatives, desiring their concurrence.

On motion leave was granted Mr. Moore to present the petition of sundry citizens of Madison county, praying that the management of township school lands may be given to the inhabitants of the townships -- which was read - and on motion ordered to be referred to a select committee, whereupon messrs. Moore, Watkins, Casey, Farmer and Harwell were appointed.

On motion of Mr. Rose, resolved by the senate and house of representatives of the state of Alabama in General Assembly convened.

That the thanks of the General Assembly be and the same are hereby presented to maj. gen. Andrew Jackson for his valor, patriotism and meritorious conduct during the late war; but particularly for the decisive and glorious victory obtained over the British forces at New Orleans, which was read the first time.

On motion of Mr. Moore ordered that the rule which requires all joint resolutions to be read on three several days, be dispensed with, and that said resolution be read a second time forthwith.

On motion of Mr. Farmer the following amendment was made thereto, resolved that this General Assembly do highly disapprove of the late attempt made by some


members of the Congress of the United States at the last session, to censure the military courts of this invaluable officer, from motives (as we believe ) other than patriotic.

Ordered that said resolution be engrossed for a third reading. On motion of Mr. Rose said resolutions as engrossed were taken up and read the third time and passed.

Ordered that the secretary acquaint the house of representatives therewith and desire their concurrence.

A message from the house of representatives by messrs. Owen and Everett.

Mr. President, The house of representatives have amended the resolution of the senate appointing a committee to inform His Ex. the Governor of the election of John W. Walker and Wm. R. King, senators to the Congress of the United States, by adding after the words "duly elected" -- and the Governor be and he is hereby authorised to give them certificates of the same.

Ordered that the senate concur in said amendment, and that the secretary acquaint the house of representatives therewith.

The senate adjourned until to-morrow morning 10 o'-clock.