Wednesday, November 17, 1824.

The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

In pursuance of an order of the Senate, Mr. President reported the following standing committees:

A committee of Accounts and Claims, to consist of Messrs. Powell, McCamy and Sullivan.

A committee of Privileges and Elections, to consist of Messrs. McVay, Smith and Wood.

A committee of Propositions and Grievances, to consist of Messrs. Bibb, Metcalfe and Coats.

A committee on Enrolled Bills, to consist of Messrs. Moore, Casey and Murphy.

A committee on Inland Navigation, to consist of Messrs. Shackleford, Taggert and Powell.

A Judiciary Committee, to consist of Messrs. Hopkins, Murphy and Bibb.


A Military Committee, to consist of Messrs.  Wood, Crabb and Shackleford.

A committee on Roads Bridges and Ferries, to consist of Messrs. Casey, McVay, and Coats.

A committee on County Boundaries, to consist of Messrs. Crabb, Conner and Smith.

A committee on Schools and Colleges, and School and College Lands, to consist of Messrs. Murphy, Shackleford and Hopkins.

A committee on Divorce and Alimony, to consist of Messrs. Sullivan, Metcalfe and Conner.

A committee of Revisal and Unfinished Business of last Session, to consist of Messrs. Devereux, Powell and Moore.

A committee on the State Bank, to consist of Messrs. Murphy, Hopkins and Shackleford.

Mr. Bibb presented the petition of Peter Wyatt, praying remuneration for a negro slave who had been tried by the state for robbery and convicted and executed, which was read and referred to a special committee, consisting of Messrs.  Hopkins, Sullivan and Shackleford, Mr. Bibb having, at his request, been excused from serving on said committee.

Mr. Crabb presented the petition of sundry inhabitants of Morgan county, praying a change of an election precinct, which was read and laid on the table.

Mr. McVay presented the petition of sundry inhabitants of Florence, in Lauderdale county, praying an act of incorporation; which was read and referred to a special committee consisting of Messrs. McVay, Hopkins and Metcalfe.

A bill, to be entitled an act to repeal an act entitled an act to establish regular justice's courts in this state, passed 30th Dec. 1823; was read a second time and referred to the committee on the Judiciary.

Mr. Powell obtained leave to introduce a bill to be entitled an act to restrain disorderly tippling houses; which was read the first time and ordered to be read the second time tomorrow.

On motion, the communication from the Governor, of yesterday's date, was taken up and ordered to be committed to a committee of the whole, and made the order of the day for tomorrow.

A message from the House of Representatives, by Mr. Dodson, their clerk Mr. President: I am instructed by the House of Representatives to inform your honorable body that they have adopted the following resolution, in which they desire your concurrence:

Resolved that a committee of three members be appointed by the House, to act with such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to superintend the procuring stationary for the Legislature during the present session, and that the Senate be informed thereof: they have appointed on their part Messrs.  Moore of J. Crenshaw and Fleming.

On motion, ordered that the Senate concur in said resolution; whereupon Messrs. Casey and McVay were appointed a committee on the part of the Senate; ordered that the Secretary acquaint the House therewith; and then the Senate adjourned till tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.