Monday, Dec. 12, 1825.  The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.

Mr. Bagby, from the committee on schools and colleges, and school and college lands, to whom was referred the petition of the inhabitants of a certain 16th section in Lawrence county; reported, that they are fully sensible of the pernicious effects of the evil complained of by the inhabitants of said 16th section; but are of opinion that it is both inexpedient and impolitic to legislate partially upon subjects of a general nature.  Your committee are further of opinion, that the citizens of the several 16th sections, reserved under the act of Congress for the use of schools, have power to appoint commissioners to least the same under such regulations as are most conducive to the object of the donation; and that it would be competent for said commissioners to prohibit the retailing of spirituous liquors thereon: But that the legislature have no power to pass a law effecting in any manner the lease now existing between the lessees and the commissioners on the aforesaid section.  They therefore beg leave to be discharged form the further consideration of the subject; which was agreed to.

Mr. Crawford from the judiciary committee, reported bills of the following



titles, to wit: A bill to be entitled an act to repeal an act respecting bail in civil cases; An act to provide against unnecessary detention of grand juries and for other purposes; and An act to authorize the courts to require security for costs; all of which were severally read and ordered to be read the second time tomorrow.

And then the Senate adjourned till tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.