Called (Special) Session, 4 - 18 Jun 1821

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Called (Special) Session - House Journal

Called (Special) Session - Senate Journal

Called (Special) Session - Acts

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  • Acts_1-2
    • To amend an act entitle an act to provide for assessing and collecting taxes, and for taking the census of this State, passed at the second session of the General Assembly on the 22d day of Dec.1820, and for other purposes.
    • Concerning executions and for other purposes.
  • Act_3
    • To repeal in part and amend an act entitled an act to regulate the proceedings in the Courts of Law and Equity in this State.
  • Acts_4-13
    • For the relief of the Master builders and mechanics of the State of Alabama.
    • To incorporate the town of Hazle Green in the county of Madison.
    • To fix the permanent seat of justice in the county of St. Clair, and for other purposes.
    • To incorporate the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of ancient Free Masons of Alabama and its Masonic Jurisdiction.
    • To reduce the expenses of the General Assembly, and for other purposes.
    • To authorise executors, administrators and guardians to relinquish lands under the act of Congress, passed the 2d day of March, 1821, and for other purposes.
    • To repeal part of an act therein named, and for other purposes.
    • Imposing a tax on Non residents and transient persons, making Sale of Goods, Wares and Merchandise in this State.
    • To authorise licensed Ministers of the Gospel to solemnize the rites of Matrimony.
    • Amendatory of the laws now in force for the relief of Insolvent debtors.
  • Acts_14-26
    • Authorising the collection of toll at the Cahawba Bridge
    • To repeal the second section of an act passed the 20th December, 1820, to establish certain election precincts therein mentioned, and for other purposes.
    • To amend an act, to alter and amend the laws regulating the admission and practice of Councilors and Attorneys at Law.
    • To amend an act entitled an act to establish a Bank in the Town of Mobile, passed at St. Stephens, the 20th of November, 1818.
    • Supplementary to an act making appropriations for the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, and for other purposes.
    • Supplementary to an act entitled an act to organize the militia of this State, passed at Cahawba, December 20th 1820, and for other purposes.
    • To amend an act, passed at Huntsville Dec. 16th 1819, entitled "an act to establish a public road therein named.
    • Concerning persons residing on the University lands and who have not rented the same, and for other purposes.
    • For the relief of John M. Flinn.
    • Amendatory of certain acts and to establish certain election precincts therein mentioned.
    • Concerning the Cahawba Bridge.
    • To authorise Malcom Gilchrist of Lawrence county to build a mill and other water works on the Muscle Shoals.
    • To change the name of Ococoposa, and for other purposes.
  • Resolutions
    • Extending the time of payment of a certain sum of money due this state by John M. Taylor.
    • Establishing certain additional election precincts in the county of Henry.
    • To extend relief to William Terry for certain services rendered to the State of Alabama as Engineer.
    • Relating to the county of Montgomery
    • Authorizing the Comptroller to collect a sum of money therein named.
    • Appointing persons to examine Tuskaloosa and Butahatchee Rivers.
    • Concerning the printing of the Journals and Laws of the present General Assembly and for other purpose.
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