WEDNESDAY, July 14, 1819.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.
Mr. King called for the order of the day on the report of the committee appointed to prepare an ordinance, conformably to the conditions of the 6th section of the act for the admission of this Territory into the Union.

And on motion the Convention resolved itself into a committee of the whole on said report-Mr. Pickens (of Washington) in the chair; and after some time spent therein-Mr. President resumed the chair, and Mr. Pickens reported that the committee had according to order had the said report under consideration, and had amended the same by striking out the preamble and the word therefore, with which amendment they desired the concurrence of the Convention.
On motion of Mr. King, ordered that the said report and amendment lie upon the table.
Mr. Hitchcock offered the following additional rule for the government of this Convention:


All adjournments shall be to 9 o'clock on the succeeding day.
And the question being taken thereon it was decided in the negative.
Mr. Minor offered the following resolution-Resolved, That a committee of____members be appointed, to draw and report to this Convention a Memorial to the Congress of the United States praying that if the treaty with Spain, made at Washington during the present year, shall be ratified by the Spanish government-so much of the Territory thereby ceded to the United States as lies West of the Appalachicola river, may be annexed to the State of Alabama.
And the question being taken thereon, it passed in the affirmative.
On motion-Resolved, That the blank in said resolution be filled with the word “five.”
And the question being taken thereon, it passed in the affirmative.
Whereupon the following members were appointed in pursuance of the said resolution, Messrs. Minor, Toulmin, Cook, Terril and Jackson.
On motion ordered that when this Convention adjourns, it will adjourn till ten o'clock on Monday next.
On motion ordered that the Convention do now adjourn.