FRIDAY, July 30, 1819.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.


The Ordinance relative to the conditions contained in the 6th section of the act of Congress, for the admission of this Territory into the Union, was read a third time and passed.
On motion, ordered that the said ordinance be attached to and be made a part of the Constitution.
The memorial to congress praying that all that part of Florida which lies west of the Apalachicola river may be annexed to and form a part of the State of Alabama, provided that the late Treaty between Spain and the United States, relative to the cession of the Florida’s be ratified, was read a second time. And on motion ordered that the said memorial be now taken as engrossed and read a third time by its title which was done accordingly. The question was then taken on its passage, and decided in the affirmative.
On a motion of Mr. Pickens (of Washington) Resolved, that the said memorial be signed by the President and countersigned by the Secretary of this Convention, and transmitted to the Congress of the United States.
Mr. Bibb (of Montgomery) presented an ordinance establishing places of separate election which was received and read the first time, and on motion the said ordinance was read a second time by its title and ordered to be engrossed for a third reading.
On motion, Resolved, that when this Convention adjourns it will adjourn till 4 o'clock this evening.
On motion, ordered that the Convention do now adjourn.

4 o’clock P.M.

The convention met pursuant to adjournment.
On motion of Mr. Pickens (of Washington) the engrossed Constitution was read a third time, and the question being taken on its passage, it was unanimously adopted.
On motion of Mr. Pickens (of Washington) ordered that the Constitution be enrolled and that the same committee who superintended the engrossing do superintend the enrolling thereof.
On motion ordered that the Convention do now adjourn.