FRIDAY, March 8th, 1861.

The Convention met at 10 o’clock A. M.

The Rev. Mr. Ralls, of the Convention, offered prayer.

The President announced that in pursuance of the reso-


lution of yesterday, he had called upon the President of the Confederate States, who expressed his gratification, and would willingly receive a call from the Convention in a body, at such time and place as might suit the Convention.

Mr. Mitchell moved a committee of three, to arrange, &c.

The President appointed Messrs. Mitchell, Beard, and Clarke of Marengo.

Mr. Cochran moved to include the Vice President. Adopted.

Mr. Cochran moved a committee of one to inform the Congress of a resolution of this body inviting the members to a seat on this floor.

On motion of Mr. Dargan, the Convention went into secret session.



FRIDAY, March 8th, 1861.

Upon suggestion, the Convention went into secret session to consider the ordinance offered by Mr. Cochran to turn over the forts and arsenals of this State to the Government of the Confederate States.

Mr. Clemens moved to refer the ordinance to the Committee on Military Affairs, pending which:

A message was received from the Governor, which was read and laid on the table.

The consideration of the ordinance was resumed, and by request of Mr. Watts, Mr. Clemens temporarily withdrew the motion to refer, in order to permit Mr. Watts to discuss the merits of the question.

The hour assigned for the consideration of the special order-the ordinance, supplemental to the ordinance in relation to reducing the size of the counties in this State-having arrived,

On motion of Mr. Cochran the special order was suspended, its order to finish the business now before the Convention.

Mr. Clemens renewed the motion to refer the ordi-


nance to the military Committee, and the ayes and noes were demanded. Ayes 50-noes 40.

Ayes-Messrs. President, Allen, Barclay, Beard, Brasher, Bulger, Clark of Lawrence, Clemens, Coffey, Coleman, Coman, Crumpler, Davis of Madison, Earnest, Edwards, Ford, Forrester, Foster, Franklin, Gay, Gilchrist, Green, Henderson of Macon, Hood, Humphries, Inzer, Jones of Fayette, Johnson, Kimball, Leonard, McClanahan, McClellan, Owens, Phillips, Posey, Potter, Ralls, Russell, Sanford, Sheets, Shortridge, Slaughter, Steadham, Steele, Taylor, Timberlake, Watkins, Whitlock, Wilson, Winston, Wood-50.

Noes-Messrs. Baker of Russell, Barnes, Leek, Blue, Bolling, Bragg, Catterlin, Clarke of Marengo, Cochran, Crawford, Creech, Crook, Curtis, Dargan, Davis of Covington, Davis of Pickens, Dowdell, Gibbons, Hawkins, Henderson of Pike, Herndon, Howard, Jewett, Jones of Lauderdale, Ketchum, McPherson, McKinnie, Mitchell, Morgan, Rives, Ryan, Smith of Henry, Smith of Tuscaloosa, Starke, Stone, Watts, Webb, Whatley, Williamson, Yelverton-40.

And the ordinance was accordingly referred.

Mr. Humphries moved that the Committee on Military Affairs be instructed to report on the ordinance to-morrow morning. Carried.

Mr. Bragg offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

Resolved, That his Excellency the Governor be requested to communicate to this Convention any report he may have received from the Collector at the Port of Mobile, showing the condition of the Custom-House and the amount of money in the hands of the Collector at the time of his report.

Mr. Clemens moved a further suspension of the special order to enable him to report an ordinance. Carried.

Mr. Clemens, Chairman of the Military Committee reported an ordinance to confer jurisdiction over the forts and arsenals in the State of Alabama upon the Confederate States of America.

Mr. Cochran moved to amend, by striking out all after the enacting clause, and inserting the following: “That the Provisional Government of the Confederate States is


hereby authorized to use, occupy, and hold possession, of all forts, navy yards, and arsenals, and their appurtenances, in this State, and shall repair and rebuild said forts and arsenals at its discretion, until this ordinance is repealed by a convention of the people of this State.”

The question then being on the adoption of the ordinance, as amended, it was adopted.

Mr. Clemens moved a suspension of the speech order, to allow him to make a motion. Carried.

Mr. Clemens moved that the Governor=s message received this morning, and the communication of the Governor in relation to arms, be referred to the Military Committee. Carried.

Mr. Earnest, from the Committee on enrollment, reported as correctly enrolled the “ordinance to confer jurisdiction over the forts and arsenals in the State of Alabama upon the Confederate States of America.”

And the Convention then went into open session.



After remaining in Secret Session for some time the Convention opened the doors.

The Convention proceeded to the consideration of the special order, “An Ordinance supplemental to an ordinance to reduce the size of the counties.” Referred to special committee.

Mr. Baker, of Russell, presented a petition from Russell county in relation to forming a new county to be called Opelika. Referred to same committee.

Mr. Johnson from the select committee of five, was proceeding to make a report in relation to reducing the size of counties, when the hour of 2 o’clock arrived, and the Convention stood adjourned until tomorrow 10 a. m.