January 11th, 1861.

The President called the Convention to order at 10 o'clock,


a. m., and the Convention was, opened with prayer by Rev. O. R. Blue.

Journal of yesterday read and approved.

The President laid before the Convention the following official dispatches from the State of Florida:

Received at Montgomery, January 10th, 1861, by telegraph from Tallahassee, the 16th, To His Excellency Gov. Moore.

Florida has seceded unconditionally, by a vote of sixty-two (62) to seven (7.)


The other was from Mr. E. C. Bullock, and precisely similar to the one from Gov. Perry.

They were laid on the table as information:

The President announced that the special order before the Convention was upon the adoption of the report of the majority from the Committee of' Thirteen and the Ordinance of Secession.

A communication was received from His Excellency the Governor, transmitting “authentic copies of certain important public proceedings of the State of Mississippi, and also the commission of Hon. Joseph W. Matthews, Commissioner of the State of Mississippi to the State of Alabama,” which was ordered to lie on the table for the present.

Mr. Yancey, by leave of the Convention, corrected a clerical error in the resolution of the Ordinance, by changing “3d” to “4th” day of February.

The vote was then taken by ayes and nays, and the report of the majority and the Ordinance of Secession, as amended, were adopted. Ayes, 61; nays, 39.

Those who voted in the affirmative, are-Messrs. President, Baily, Baker, of Barbour, Baker, of Russell, Barclay, Barnes, Beck, Blue, Bolling, Bragg, Catterlin, Clarke of Marengo, Clemens, Cochran, Coleman, Crawford, Creech, Crook, Crumpler, Curtis, Daniel, Dargan, Davis, of Covington, Davis, of Pickens, Dowdell, Foster, Gibbons, Gilchrist, Hawkins, Henderson, of Macon, Henderson, of Pike, Herndon, Howard, Humphries, Jewett, Johnson, Ketchum, Leonard, Love, McClanahan, McPherson, McKinnie, Morgan, Owens, Phillips, Ralls, Rives, Ryan, Shortridge, Silver, Slaughter, Smith, of Henry, Starke, Stone, Taylor, Watts, Webb, Whatley, Williamson, Yancey, Yelverton-61.

Those who voted in the negative are- Messrs. Allen, Beard, Brasher, Bulger, Clarke, of Lawrence, Coffey, Coman, Da-


vis, of Madison, Earnest, Edwards, Ford, Forrester, Franklin, Gay, Green, Guttery, Hood, Inzer, Jemison, Jones, of Fayette, Jones, of Lauderdale, Kimball, Jewett, McClellan, Posey, Potter, Russell, Sanford, Sheets, Sheffield, Smith, of Tuscaloosa, Steadham, Steele, Timberlake, Watkins, Whitlock, Wilson, Winston, Wood-39.

And the President announced that the Ordinance of Secession was adopted, and that Alabama is a free, sovereign and independent State.

Mr. Yelverton introduced the following resolution:

Resolved, That the secrecy be removed froth the proceedings of this day, and that the President of the Convention be requested to telegraph the information to our members of Congress and the Governors of the slaveholding States.

On motion by Mr. Yancey, the doors of the Convention were thrown open, and the ladies of Montgomery, through Mr. Yancey, presented the State Convention with a beautiful Flag.

Mr. Dargan offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Flag presented by the ladies of Montgomery be received, and that the President of the Convention be requested to return to the ladies the thanks of the Convention.

Resolved, That the Flag shall hereafter be raised upon the Capitol as indication whenever the Convention shall be in open session.

Adopted. And, under the last resolution, Mr. Baker, of Barbour, was deputed by the President to perform the duty of accepting the Flag.

Mr. Wood asked leave of absence for few days. Granted.

Mr. Baker, of Barbour, offered the following resolution, but withdrew it for the present:

Resolved, That the Ordinance of Secession just adopted be ordered to be engrossed on parchment, sealed with the great Seal of the State, and at 12 o’clock, m., onCCtheCday ofCC, in the Hall of this Convention, publicly, and in the presence of all the public authorities of Alabama, signed by those members of the Convention who may desire to do so.

On motion by Mr. Morgan, the following resolution was adopted:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the


President of this Convention, to ascertain as near as may be the popular vote upon the question of the secession of the State of Alabama from the Government of the United States, and report to this body.

And, on motion by Mr. Baker, of Russell, the Convention adjourned until 11 o’clock to-morrow.