* Due to the historic composition of this Constitutional Convention, Black Delegates are identified by the placement of [B] following their name, as an educational guide to the reader.


President: Elisha Woolsey Peck (Tuscaloosa)
Secretary: Robert Barber (Montgomery)
Assistant Secretaries: George H. Patrick (Montgomery), Moses B. Avery [B] (Montgomery)
Sergeant-At-Arms: John D. Terrell (Lawrence)
Doorkeeper: Henry Hunter Craig (Montgomery)

First District: Gustavus Horton (Mobile), Alfred E. Buck (Mobile), John Carraway [B](Mobile), Ovid Gregory [B] (Mobile)
Second District: M. D. Brainard (Monroe), Stephen Moore (Baldwin)
Third District: Augustus W. Jones
Fourth District: Samuel S. Gardner (Butler), William R. Jones (Covington)
Fifth District: Richard M. Johnson (Henry), Henry R. Deal (Dale), John C. Jolly (Coffee)
Sixth District: David Lore (Barbour), Henry C. Russell (Barbour), Thomas Diggs [B] (Barbour)
Seventh District: William H. Black (Bullock), James Falmer (Bullock), L. S. Latham [B] (Bullock), B. F. Royal [B] (Bullock)
Eighth District: James H. Howard (Crenshaw)
Ninth District: Charles A. Miller (Lowndes), William M. Buckley (Lowndes), Nathan D. Stanwood (Lowndes)
Tenth District: Robert M. Reynolds (Wilcox), John H. Burdick (Wilcox), Andrew L. Morgan (Wilcox)
Eleventh District: James M. Jackson (Clarke)
Twelfth District: Luther R. Smith (Choctaw), J. J. Gilder (Washington)
Thirteenth District: George Ely (Montgomery), Washington Johnson [B] (Russell)
Fourteenth District: Littleberry Strange (Macon), John J. Martin (Macon)
Fifteenth District: Henry Clay Semple (Montgomery), James P. Stow (Montgomery), Charles W. Buckley (Montgomery), John C. Keffer (Montgomery), Peyton Finley [B] (Montgomery)
Sixteenth District: Benjamin F. Saffold (Dallas), John Silsby (Dallas), Datus E. Coon (Dallas), Henry Stokes [B] (Dallas), Jack Hatcher [B] (Dallas)
Seventeenth District: Pierce Burton (Marengo), Charles W. Dustan (Marengo), J. Wright McLeod [B] (Marengo)
Eighteenth District: Simeon Brunson (Sumter), Benjamin Inge [B] (Sumter), Benjamin Yordy (Sumter), Benjamin Rolfe (Pickens)
Nineteenth District: Samuel Blandon [B] (Lee), John C. Meadors (Lee)
Twentieth District: Benjamin W. Norris (Elmore), Charles M. Cabot (Elmore), J. L. Alexander (Autauga)
Twenty-First District: Dr. Joseph H. Speed (Perry), Thomas Lee [B] (Perry), Dr. George W. Graves (Perry)
Twenty-Second District: William T. Blackford (Hale), James K. Greene [B] (Hale), Benjamin L. Wheelan (Hale), Benjamin F. Alexander [B] (Greene), Charles Hayes (Greene)
Twenty-Third District: Oliver Towles (Chambers), Early Greathouse (Tallapoosa), Timothy J. Russell (Tallapoosa)
Twenty-Fourth District: James F. Hurst (Coosa)
Twenty-Fifth District: John R. Walker (Shelby)
Twenty-Sixth District: James W. Mahan (Bibb)
Twenty-Seventh District: Dr. Joseph H. Davis (Randolph)
Twenty-Eighth District: Arthur Bingham (Talladega), George P. Plowman (Talladega), Thomas Adams (Clay)
Twenty-Ninth District: Elisha W. Peck (Tuscaloosa), Hugh McGown (Tuscaloosa)
Thirtieth District: Charles L. Steed (Cleburne), James H. Autry (Calhoun)
Thirty-First District: Henry J. Springfield (St. Clair)
Thirty-Second District: W. A. Walker (Jefferson)
Thirty-Third District: John T. Morton (Fayette)
Thirty-Fourth District: John F. Wilhite (Winston)
Thirty-Fifth District: William C. Ewing (Baine, now Etowah), Rev. William C. Garrison (Blount)
Thirty-Six District: George J. Dykes (Cherokee)
Thirty-Seventh District: W. A. Austin (DeKalb)
Thirty-Eighth District: Charles O. Whitney (Jackson), Alfred Collins (Jackson)
Thirty-Ninth District: Samuel F. Kennamer (Marshall)
Fortieth District: Thomas Haughey (Morgan)
Forty-First District: Thomas M. Peters (Lawrence), Benjamin O. Masterson (Lawrence)
Forty-Second District: Lafayette Robinson [B] (Madison), Andrew J. Applegate (Madison), Columbus Jones [B] (Madison)
Forty-Third District: James W. Stewart (Lauderdale), James T. Rapier [B] (Lauderdale), Daniel H. Bingham (Limestone)
Forty-Fourth District: William Skinner (Franklin), H. H. Russell (Colbert)