SATURDAY, September 11, 1875.

Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

Journal of yesterday was read and approved.

Mr. Hargrove, an ordinance declaring who are the lawful tax collectors of the State, as follows:

Whereas, a contest is now going on in many of the counties of this State between claimants to the office of tax collector; and,

Whereas, there is great doubt as to who are the lawful tax collectors; and,

Whereas, it is proper to relieve the respective judges of probate of uncertainty as to who are entitled to the tax books of their counties; and,

Whereas, a settlement of this question by judicial proceedings would necessarily greatly delay the collection of the public revenue, and might result in serious loss to the State and many counties thereof; therefore-

SECTION 1. Be it ordained by the people of Alabama in Convention assembled, That the tax collectors who were elected at the general election held for the election of State and county officers in this State, on the third day of November, 1874, and who have given bond and qualified as such, are hereby declared to be the lawful tax collectors of this State, and shall have the right to collect all the taxes due for the year 1875.

Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That all laws and parts of laws which are in conflict with the provisions of the first section of this ordinance be and the same are hereby repealed.


The point of order being made by Mr. Heflin, that the ordinance was in violation of the rule adopted by the convention for the government of the action of the convention in reference to the matters it would consider,

Mr. Pugh moved to suspend the rule, which motion was carried.

Mr. Inzer moved the adoption of the ordinance.

Mr. Lowe moved to lay the motion upon the table; which latter motion was lost.

Mr. Little, an amendment that the words “or appointed,” be inserted after the word “elected,” which amendment was accepted.

Mr. Heflin moved to refer the ordinance to the committee on the judiciary department, which motion was carried.

Mr. Mudd, from the committee on elections and basis of representation, reported an article upon representation for the constitution of the State of Alabama.

Mr. Mudd moved that the report be made the special order for Tuesday next, at 12 o’clock.

Mr. Heflin moved to amend, by having 100 copies printed.

On motion of Mr. Cobb, the amendment was laid upon the table.

The motion to postpone was then carried.

On motion of Mr. McClellan, the convention adjourned until 12 o’clock Monday.