* Due to the historic composition of this Constitutional Convention, Black Delegates are identified by the placement of [B] following their name, as an educational guide to the reader.


President: LeRoy Pope Walker (Madison)
Secretary: Benjamin H. Screws (Montgomery)
Assistant Secretary: Thomas Henry Watts (Montgomery)
Doorkeeper: Pat Doran (Montgomery)
Page: Tennent Lomax (Montgomery)


District Delegates:

First District: Edward A. O'Neal
Second District: Francis W. Sykes
Third District: Thomas B. NeSmith
Fourth District: LeRoy Pope Walker
Fifth District: Jesse Edward Brown
Sixth District: James Aiken
Seventh District: William S. Mudd
Eighth District: Alphonso A. Sterrett
Ninth District: Ezekial A. Powell
Tenth District: John T. Heflin
Eleventh District: C. B. Taylor
Twelfth District: John B. Kelly
Thirteenth District: William J. Samford
Fourteenth District: Cullen A. Battle
Fifteenth District: F. A. Nisbett
Sixteenth District: Richard H. Powell
Seventeenth District: James L. Pugh
Eighteenth District: D. B. Booth
Nineteenth District: Samuel F. Rice
Twenty-first District: John F. Burns
Twenty-second District: A. H. Curtis [B]
Twenty-third District:
J. T. Foster
Twenty-fourth District: Elbert D. Willett
Twenty-fifth District: Jonathan Bliss
Twenth-sixth District: Francis S. Lyon
Twenty-seventh District: Sidney T. Prince
Twenty-eighth District: Charles C. Langdon
Twenty-ninth District: R. C. Torrey
Thirtieth District: George S. Gullett
Thirty-first District: John Gamble
Thirty-second District: J. C. Robinson
Thirty-third District: William C. Oates

County Delegates:

Autauga: H. J. Linvingston
Baldwin: Henry C. Lea
Barbour: John A. Foster
Bibb: Dr. Edward Hawthorn Moren
Blount: S. C. Algood
Bullock: Dr. George W. Delbridge
Butler: Samuel J. Bolling
Calhoun: W. M. Hames
Chambers: E. G. Richards
Cherokee: W. N. Swann
Chilton: William A. Smith
Choctaw: William Greene
Clarke: Samuel Forwood
Clay: J. H. White
Cleburne: Thomas J. Burton
Coffee: Joseph E. P. Flournoy
Colbert: John D. Rather
Conecuh: John Greene, Sr.
Coosa: William Garrett
Covington: John D. Hudson
Crenshaw: Isaac H. Parks
Dale: Rev. Pitt M. Callaway
Dallas: Sumter Lea
DeKalb: David Nowlin
Elmore: William C. Bulger, Jr.
Escambia: W. J. O'Bannon
Etowah: Dr. John P. Ralls
Fayette: William A. Musgrove
Franklin: William Burgess
Geneva: Henry W. Laird
Greene: Wiley Coleman
Hale: Burrell Johnston
Henry: Alexander C. Gordon
Jackson: John H. Norwood
Jefferson: Alberto Martin
Lauderdale: Richard Orick Pickett
Lawrence: Charles Gibson
Lee: George P. Harrison
Limestone: Robert A. McClellan
Lowndes: Hugh A. Carson [B]
B. F. Johnston
Madison: William M. Lowe
Marengo: Henry A. Woolf
Marion: M. T. Akers
Marshall: Montgomery Gilbreath
Mobile: Leroy Brewer, Thomas H. Herndon
Monroe: John S. Dickinson
Montgomery: Robert H. Knox
Morgan: J. W. Jones
Perry: Greene S. W. Lewis [B]
Lewis M. Stone
Pike: Joel D. Murphree
Randolph: Benjamin F. Weathers
Russell: Sutton S. Scott
Sanford (now Lamar): M. L. Davis
Shelby: Rufus W. Cobb
St. Clair: John W. Inzer
Sumter: William G. Little, Jr.
Talladega: A. W. Plowman
Tallapoosa: James A. Meadows
Tuscaloosa: Andrew C. Hargrove
Walker: John Manasco
Washington: Robert A. Long
Wilcox: A. H. Gullett
Winston: Andrew J. Ingle