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May 21st, 1901, To September 3rd, 1901


Tuesday, May 21, 1901.

     Hon. Thomas N. McClellan, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, as directed by the Enabling Act, called the Convention to order promptly at the noon hour, and appointed the Secretary of State, Hon. Robert P. McDavid, to act as Secretary of the Temporary organization.

     Hon. Thomas N. McClellan -- This is the time and place for the assembling of delegates who have been elected by the people of Alabama to revise and amend the Constitution. The Enabling Statute confers the honor, and imposes the duty on the Chief Justice of the State of Alabama to initiate the organization of this Constitutional Convention. The Act provides that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, or, during his absence, one of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, shall call the Convention to order and preside until the temporary officers are elected. It is in the discharge of that duty that I am here. Having in mind that possibly all the delegates would not have their certificate of election, I have the certificate of the Secretary of State to the roll of delegates elected by the people .to this Constitutional Convention under the Great Seal of the State.

     I will call the names upon this roll, and as the names are called, the delegates will please come forward and enroll themselves on the book, which has been provided by the Secretary of State.



Upon the roll being called, the following delegates came forward and subscribed their names:

Almon, D. C. Grant, L. W. Murphree, Joel D.
Altman, W. A. Grayson, John W. Nesmith, C. C.
Ashcraft, John T. Greer, Charles H. Norman, J. D.
Banks, William H. Greer, L. F. Norwood, Jos.
Barefield, J. H Haley, C. L. Oates, William C.
Bartlett, W. H. Handley, William A. O'Neal, Emmett,
Beavers, J. Robert. Harrison, George P. O'Neill, John W.
Beddow, C. P. Heflin, John T. Opp, Henry,
Bethune, D. S. Heflin, J. Thomas, O'Rear, Rufus A.
Blackwell, Samuel Henderson, J. C. Palmer, Dabney,
Boone, B. Boykin, Henson, Evans, Parker, George H.
Brooks, Leslie E. Hodges, P. W. Parker, John H.
Browne, Cecil, Hood, O. R. Pearce, James P.
Bulger, Thomas L. Howell, W. P. Pettus, Erle,
Burnett, John D. Howze, A. C. Phillips, E. A.
Burns, John F. Inge, W. B. Pillans, Harry,
Byars, John A. Jackson, E. C. Pitts, P. H.
Cardon, H. W. Jenkins, Samuel C. Porter, John H.
Carmichael, A. H. Jones, John C. Proctor, John F.
Carmichael, M. S. Jones, James McLean, Reese, Henry Fontaine,
Carnathan, G. H. Jones, Richard C. Renfro, N. P.
Case, D. C. Jones,Thomas G. Reynolds, Lewis H.
Chapman, Reuben, King, John T. Reynolds, R. I.
Cobb, James E. Kirk, James T. Robinson, J. J.
Cofer, W. T. L. Kirkland, W. W. Rogers, C. J., Sr.
Coleman, E. W. Knight, Wm. N. Rogers, John A.
Coleman, Thomas W. Knox, John B. Samford,Wm. H.
Cornwell, Thomas J. Kyle, R. B. Sanders, W. T.
Craig, B. H. Ledbetter, E. W. Sanford, John W. A.
Cunningham, R. M. Leigh, Norville, R., Jr. Searcy, Geo. A.
Davis, Hubert T. Locklin, Lawrence W. Selheimer, Henry C.
Davis, John A. Lomax, Tennent, Sentell, J. O.
Dent, S. H. Long, J. Lee, Sloan, J. B.
deGraffenreid, Edward W. Long, T. L. Smith, Gregory L.
Duke, J. B. Lowe, Robert J. Smith, MacA.
Eley, B. T. Lowe, W. T. Smith, Morgan M.
Eyster, John C. Macdonald, Gordon, Sollie, Michael,
Espy, T. M. McMillan, Lee, Sorrell, Geo. A.
Ferguson, Charles W. McMillan, B. F. Spears, N. B.
Fitts, William C. Malone, George H. Spragins, Robert E.
Fletcher, A. S. Martin, J. T. Stewart, J. H.
Foshee, J. M. Maxwell, J. C. Studdard, S. L.
Foster, J. M. Merrill, A. H. Tayloe, W. H.
Freeman, Newman H. Miller, Charles H. Thompson, J. F.
Gilmore, John A. Miller, Jos. N. Vaughan, Watkins M.
Glover, W. F. Moody, Milo, Waddell, Boswell, deG.
Graham, Edward A. Morrissette, E. R. Walker, Richard W,
Graham, Jos. B Mulkey, W. O. Watts, Thomas H.


Weakley, John B. Willett, E. D. Williams, Jere N.
Weatherly, James, Williams, A. E. Wilson, E. P.
White, Frank S. Williams, Gesnard Wilson, Massey
Whiteside, W. W. Winn, James J.  

     CHIEF JUSTICE MCCLELLAN -- The whole number of delegates, one hundred and fifty-five, having appeared and signed the roll. I will now administer the oath of office. The delegates will please rise to their feet.

     Do you, and each of you, solemnly swear that you will support the Constitution of the United States, and that you will honestly and faithfully perform the duties which are now to devolve on you as delegates of this Convention, so help you God.

     MR. HARRISON -- In view of the fact that this body is composed largely of Democrats, and that the caucus of the Democratic party desires to convene this afternoon, to determine the officers of this Convention, I move we do now adjourn until 11 o'clock tomorrow morning.

     The motion was adopted, and thereupon the Convention adjourned.