MONTGOMERY, ALA.,

                                                                                                                           Wednesday, June 12, 1901.

     The convention met pursuant to adjournment, was called to order by the President and the proceedings were opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Stakely as follows :

     Let Thy smile be upon us O God, our Father, as we enter into the duties of this day. In great mercy look upon the people of the State at this time, deprived as they have been of their Chief Executive. In great tenderness look upon the bereaved family. Help us all to recognize Thy hands in this providence and may the family and the entire circle of his friends and the people of the State profit by every recollection of the graces that adorned his character and the virtues that shone in his life. Sanctify all these to the good of the family at large. Bless us in our State life and in our National life. Let Thy blessing be upon Thy servant, the President of the United States, and all who are associated with him in executive trust; upon the National Congress and upon the National Judiciary; upon the Governors of the States; upon State Legislatures, upon the State courts; upon the Mayors of all the cities ; upon municipal councils and the local courts; upon the people everywhere. Grant that through the public servants of the people, the people themselves may be lifted up in holiness and righteousness and temperance and truth. Give us God fearing rulers, and give us God fearing people.

     Now watch over us we pray Thee and cause us to feel that we are in Thy divine sanction by applied to all that we think and feel and say and do and to Thy great name shall be the praise forever, through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.

     THE PRESIDENT--The Secretary will call the roll.

     MR. HARRISON--I desire, Mr. President, to offer a resolution, and I ask unanimous consent for its immediate consideration.

     THE PRESIDENT--It seems to the Chair that the roll of delegates should be called for the asertaininent of a quorum, before the convention transact any business.



     MR. HARRISON--By unanimous consent it might be dispensed with as time is very essential.

     MR. BROOKS--Mr. President, I hope that the suggestion will not be carried out. I think it is very important that we should call the roll.

     THE PRESIDENT -- The Secretary will call the roll of delegates.

     Upon a call of the roll 137 delegates responded.

     MR. HARRISON--I now desire to offer the resolution sent forward to the desk.

     Whereas, the immortal spirit of William J. Samford, the distinguished Governor of Alabama, has passed from earth to the God who gave it, leaving the people of the entire State deeply impressed with a lively appreciation of his manly character and many virtues; and with a profound sense of the great loss sustained by the State, and

     Whereas, his remains will reach this city from Tuscaloosa by special train about 6 o'clock this afternoon; now therefore, be it resolved

     First--That this convention stand adjourned until Thursday at noon as a mark of respect to the lamented dead.

     Second--Be it further resolved. That a committee of nine from this convention be appointed by the President to proceed to Tuscaloosa to escort the remains to the capitol and attend his funeral.

     Third--Be it further resolved, That the family of the deceased be requested to allow the remains of the distinguished dead to lie in state in the capitol during tomorrow, Thursday, until removed to his home at Opelika.

     MR. HARRISON--I move the adoption of the resolution by a rising vote.

     THE PRESIDENT -- The gentleman from Lee moves the adoption of the resolution by a rising vote.

     A vote being taken the rules were suspended, and the resolution was unanimously adopted, by a rising vote.

     THE PRESIDENT--The Chair will appoint on that committee the following gentlemen: Messrs. Harrison, Robinson, Searcy, Jones (Montgomery), Williams (Marengo), Ashcraft, Cunningham, Graham (Talladega), Davis (Etowah).

     MR. HARRISON--I desire to notify the committee appointed that carriages are now in waiting for the committee at the front steps of the capitol.



     MR. REESE--I desire to amend the resolution. I think the propriety of the amendment will occur to any one from a reading.

     MR. BROWNE--I ask that the resolution of the gentleman from Dallas be read and by unanimous consent it can be added to the resolution already adopted.

     THE PRESIDENT--The gentleman can offer it as an independent resolution.

     MR. WHITE--I rise to a point of order, The Convention has adjourned.

     MR. BROWNE -- I ask unanimous consent that this little resolution be read. I think every gentleman will see the propriety of it.

     MR. WHITE--I insist on my point of order.

     THE PRESIDENT--State the point.

     MR. WHITE--That under the resolution adopted, the covention is adjourned.

     THE PRESIDENT--In the opinion of the Chair the point is well taken and the convention stands adjourned till Thursday at 12 o'clock.