Section 22-19-71

Distribution of informational brochure; promotion of organ and tissue donation by Director of Public Safety.

A brochure provided by the federally certified Alabama Organ Procurement Organization that is a member of and abides by the rules and regulations of United Network for Organ Sharing explaining the method of expressing an intent to make an anatomical gift shall be given to each applicant or licensee at the time of application for a new driver's license or nondriver identification card. The brochure shall advise the applicant or licensee that he or she is under no compulsion to designate organ donation status on his or her driver's license or nondriver identification card and that he or she may wish to consult with family, friends, or clergy before doing so. The Director of Public Safety may undertake additional efforts, including education and awareness activities, to promote organ and tissue donation.

(Acts 1996, No. 96-474, p. 587, §2.)