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The Alabama House of Representatives is comprised of 105 members. Each member represents a district of approximately 40,000 people. The members of the House are elected to four-year terms. Members of the House must be 21 years of age at the time of their election, and must have been citizens of Alabama for three years, having lived in their respective districts for at least one year immediately preceding their election.

The Speaker of the House represents one of the 105 districts in the House, and is elected by his or her colleagues to serve as the presiding officer.

It takes a quorum of 53 members to conduct business in the Alabama House of Representatives, and a majority of a quorum can pass any bill except a constitutional amendment, which requires 63 votes.

All revenue raising legislation must originate in the House just as in the Congress of the United States.

An appropriation to a non-government organization, such as a private college, requires a two-thirds vote of those elected.


Please Note: Messages including those relative to specific legislation, should be directed to individual members, via telephone, postal correspondence or personal e-mail and that information can be found on the House alphabetical listing page.

For members that do not list a personal email address or you find a problem with a personal email address, please use the following format using the member's For members that do not use email or if you wish to contact all members at once, please use the general email address for the House.
It can be reached by clicking here. You should include the name of the House member you wish to contact or "For All Members" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Be Advised: The general e-mail address is a central post office that House employees use to forward a printed copy of the email to members. Therefore, messages sent here should not be considered personal, privileged, or confidential communication.

For comments, suggestions, or questions relating to the content of the House of Representatives portion of this website, please contact Clay Redden at (334) 242-4753.

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