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Welcome to The Alabama Legislature's Student and Teacher Page.

The intent of this page is to provide a resource of educational and civic leadership subjects for students of all ages, teachers, parents and all other citizens who may benefit from the contents herein. It must be noted that while this site contains a great deal of information and links to many educational sites, the purpose of this page is not to educate, as that is the mission of parents and teachers. Nor should this page, or any internet page, be construed as a replacement for books, the classroom or libraries. Rather, this page seeks to serve as an online resource, to complement print resources and the immeasurable instructional work and positive influence of parents and teachers.

We have provided a mirror link to The Legislative Process, which features a concise essay on Alabama legislative procedure, and a glossary of legislative terminology, by Secretary of the Senate McDowell Lee, widely known as an authority on this subject.

An explanation of our Legislative Page Program is also provided for those qualified students interested in participating in the legislative process as a House or Senate Page.

We have constructed pages for three of the leading government-oriented student leadership organizations in Alabama. The YMCA Youth Legislature, the most comprehensive legislative program, offers an opportunity for students to learn about the legislative process through active participation in its annual Youth Legislature Session. The Collegiate Legislature is also featured on the Youth Legislature page. Boys State and Girls State, sponsored by the American Legion, have a long and rich history in Alabama, and their week-long programs on civic responsibility and personal growth have resulted in their recognition as two premier student leadership programs in Alabama.

Other pages within this site offer links on a broad variety of subjects for persons of all ages. The K-College section is divided into several categories which can be used as research tools. Reference - American History is composed of links, each within a subject or chronological division of American History. A page of other reference subjects will be an ongoing project, with an aim toward building an online library of relevant links for research.

It is our hope that you will find this page useful as a research and informational resource, as a reflection of the Alabama Legislature's commitment to improving educational and participatory opportunities for all Alabamians.

Please send any comments, questions or suggestions to Mike Murphy.
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