By Senators Dial and Dixon

Enrolled, SJR9,


WHEREAS, Dr. George C. Smith, Sr., of Lineville, Alabama, is a distinguished Alabamian who serves the medical profession and his community with integrity, ability, and tireless devotion and in grateful acknowledgment of his outstanding commitment, it is both fitting and desirable that his many contributions and accomplishments be recognized in a lasting and appropriate fashion; and

WHEREAS, born April 24, 1936, to John William and Velma Smith, Dr. Smith graduated from Lineville High School in 1954 as co-valedictorian, and after receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy in 1958 from Howard College, he began his career as a pharmaceutical representative for Eli Lilly and Company; and

WHEREAS, accepted to medical school in 1961, Dr. Smith graduated from the Medical College of Alabama and began his medical practice in Lineville in 1966, and is currently a staff member of Clay County Hospital and President of Clay County Medical Clinics, P. C.; and

WHEREAS, his involvement in various medical associations on the local, state, and national levels is equally as impressive as Dr. Smith's commitment to serving the medical needs of his community; and

WHEREAS, continuing his lifelong love of the cattle industry, Dr. Smith breeds cattle on his farm, Crooked Creek Farms, and has served as State President of the Alabama Cattlemen's Association and as President of the Southeastern Livestock Exposition; and

WHEREAS, married to the former Wanda Thompson Paschal, they have five sons, George C. Smith, Jr.; John Andrew Smith; Scott Griffin Smith; Benjamin Stuart Smith; and Michael Charles Paschal; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, BOTH HOUSES THEREOF CONCURRING, That in gratitude and appropriate recognition of Dr. George C. Smith, Sr., whose extensive record of admirable and dedicated service to the medical profession and his community is well-known, we hereby request the State Health Department to name the Clay County Health Department Building the "Dr. George C. Smith, Sr., Health Department Building," and it is further directed that he receive a copy of this resolution of highest commendation, tribute, and esteem.

Resolution, Designation
Smith, George C., Sr.