By Rules Committee
Rd 1 16-APR-2002


BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That immediately upon the adoption of this resolution, the following business, in the order set forth below, shall be the special and paramount order of business for the 29th legislative day taking precedence over the regular order of business or any pending or unfinished business and continuing on subsequent legislative days until such time as said bills are disposed of:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the introduction resolutions, Rules Committee report, conference committee reports, uncontested local bills and bills on a Consent Calendar, may be called by the Speaker at any time to take precedence over any business before the House, and said items having been dispensed with, the House shall resume the business upon which it was engaged.


Senator Figures House Sponsor: Rep. Hill:
SB229 Alabama Clean Indoor Air Act estab., smoking in cert. places prohib., penalties
Senator Callahan House Sponsor: Rep. Kennedy:
SB21 Child Protection Act of 1999, fingerprinting and criminal history background checks of current certified and noncertified employees of public and nonpublic education facilities required, procedures re suitability determination and appeals process provided, Secs. 16-22A-30 to 16-22A-34, inclusive, added; Secs. 16-22A-1, 16-22A-2, 16-22A-3, 16-22A-5, 16-22A-6, 16-22A-7, 16-22A-8, 16-22A-9, 16-22A-10, 16-22A-12, 16-22A-13, 16-22A-14, 16-22A-15, 16-22A-16, 16-22A-18 am'd. (2002-1307)17
Senator Poole House Sponsor: Rep. McClurkin:
SB333 Abortion, Woman's Right to Know Act estab., voluntary informed consent required, requirements for minors, penalties (2002-1622)36
Senator Dial House Sponsor: Rep. Bridges:
SB58 Ten Commandments, display on public property and school, auth., other religious freedoms and limits expressed, const. amend.36
Senator Bedford House Sponsor: Rep. J. Knight:
SB491 Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, estab., review and recommendation of cert. drugs for prior authorization by Medicaid Agency, approp. from General Fund to Senior Services Trust Fund23
Senator McClain House Sponsor: Rep. C. Ford:
SB292 Asphalt purchased by public agency, plant approval required by Transportation Dept. (2002-1260)91
Senator Holley House Sponsor: Rep. Johnson:
SB506 Forensic Sciences Dept., director, appointment and removal procedures alt., deputy director positions estab., Forensics Council, oversight and advisory board estab., Secs. 36-18-1, 36-18-4 am'd. (2002-1437)13
Senator Dial House Sponsor: Rep. Hubbard:
SB74 Motor vehicles, use of electric personal assistive mobility device, authorized, Sec. 31-19-1 added; Sec. 32-1-1.1, 40-12-240 am'd. (2002-1015)
Senator Butler House Sponsor: Rep. Clouse:
SB101 Health insurance policies prohib. from expanding requirements on coverage for cert. period of time3
Senator Smitherman House Sponsor: Rep. D. Newton:
SB50 Municipalities auth. to demolish or repair unsafe structures or buildings, notice requirements, collection of assessment liens for cost of work (2002-1024)64
Senator Lindsey House Sponsor: Rep. Boothe:
SB305 Uniform Accountancy Act, cert. provisions adopted, Public Accountancy Act of 1973, alt. Secs. 34-1-1, 34-1-2, 34-1-3, 34-1-4, 34-1-6, 34-1-9, 34-1-11, 34-1-12, 34-1-16, 34-1-21, 34-1-22 am'd.16
Senator Sanders House Sponsor Rep. J. Thomas:
SB435 Hospitals, more than one located in same city and owned and operated under same management, single license auth. under cert. conditions, Sec. 22-21-22 am'd.121
Senator Mitchell House Sponsor: Rep. Hill:
SB212 Insurance, reinsurance contracts, payments direct to policyholder if original insurer insolvent, credits for reinsurance ceded to insurer under common administration, deleted, Secs. 27-5-12, 27-32-39 am'd.20
Senator Smitherman House Sponsor: Rep. Carothers:
SB33 Protection orders, Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Domestic-Violence Protection Orders Act, procedure for enforcement by state courts and law enforcement officers, immunity, application, Title 30, Chapter 5B added13
Senator Escott-Russell House Sponsor: House Sponsor: Rep. Payne:
SB403 Human Resources Dept., Foster Parents' Bill of Rights Act, estab., 35
Senator Preuitt House Sponsor: Rep. Johnson:
SB502 Counties or municipalities, auth. to contract without competitive bids for goods and services if price does not exceed price established by state through bid process37
Senator Preuitt House Sponsor Rep. Johnson:
SB501 Anhydrous ammonia, defined, crime of unlawful possession of further defined, Secs. 13A-1-2, 13A-12-219 am'd.; Act 2001-971, 2001 3rd Sp. Sess. am'd.111
Senator Barron House Sponsor: Rep. Spicer:
SB477 Land Recycling Finance Authority, estab., assistance for voluntary remediation of contaminated property, Environmental Management Dept. to administer, Secs. 22-30F-1 to 22-30F-11, inclusive, added (2002-1455)
Senator Biddle House Sponsor Rep. M. Black:
SB90 Boats, including outboard motors and parts, identification numbers and registration, altering prohib., penalties including illegal possession, forfeiture1
Senator Denton House Sponsor: Rep. Hamilton:
SB114 Music Hall of Fame Board, membs. incr., Sec. 41-9-680 am'd.
Senator Butler House Sponsor: Rep. Beasley:
SB92 Health care service plans, organized under Article 6, Chapter 4, Title 10, and health maintenance organizations, required to furnish drug information cards or technology to insureds, Secs. 10-4-115, 27-21A-23 am'd.; Acts 2001-445, 2001-477, 2001-702, 2001 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Senator Lindsey House Sponsor: Rep. Hill:
SB279 Supernumerary cir. clerks or registers, cert., comp. and spousal benefits alt.34
Senator Mitchem House Sponsor Rep. Hooper:
SB284 Law enforcement officers, correctional officers, firefighters, annual leave, payment for cert. amt., Sec. 36-26-35 am'd.108
Senator Poole House Sponsor: Rep. Schmitz:
SB267 Workers' compensation, peace officers and firemen, cert. death or disability benefits considered workers' compensation for exclusion from income, Sec. 36-30-1 am'd.106
Senator Mitchell House Sponsor Rep. Penry:
SB116 Board of Registrars, comp. and allowances auth. for voter file maintenance in January each year, Sec. 17-4-201 am'd.26
Senator Barron House Sponsor: Rep. Hill:
SB85 Home Inspectors, licensure application requirements, Building Commission to promulgate Home Inspectors Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice under Administrative Procedure Act, synthetic stucco inspectors licensure, penalties, Secs. 34-14B-2 to 34-14B-6, inclusive, 34-14B-8, 34-14B-9 am'd.19
Senator Smith House Sponsor: Rep. M. Black:
SB223 Defendants, imprisonment in co. jail for failure to pay fines and court costs, days served for various amounts provided for, Sec. 15-18-62 am'd.; Sec. 15-18-63 repealed (2002-1093)113
Senator Mitchell House Sponsor Rep. Hurst:
SB266 Child Labor Law, incr. monetary penalties for violations, Sec. 25-8-59 am'd.59
Senator Waggoner House Sponsor: Rep. Carns:
SB88 Adults, adoption by spouse of mother or father with adoptee's written consent, auth., Sec. 26-10A-6 am'd.86
Senator Marsh House Sponsor: Rep. M. Rogers:
SB28 Municipalities, designated Main Street Communities by Historical Commission, self-help business improvement districts auth.12
Senator Enfinger House Sponsor: Rep. M. Black:
SB338 Polling places, hours of operation, alt., report of unofficial election results to Secretary of State via Alabama Voter Information Network (ALVIN), Sec. 17-7-5.1 am'd. 93
Senator Mitchell House Sponsor: Rep. Hill:
SB315 Uniform Commercial Code, security interests of lenders and filing, procedures alt., Secs. 7-9A-210, 7-9A-320, 7-9A-516, 7-9A-523 am'd.; Act 2001-481, 2001 Reg. Sess. am'd.74
Senator Steele House Sponsor: Rep. Hilliard:
SB105 Marriage, minimum age for contracting alt., parent or guardian consent required for cert. age person before issuance of marriage license, Secs. 30-1-4, 30-1-5 am'd.88
Senator Little (T) House Sponsor: Rep. Schmitz:
SB106 Public administration, obstruction of, fire control activities included, penalties, Sec.13A-10-1 am'd.114
Senator Callahan House Sponsor: Rep. Barton:
SB1 Magna Carta, Ten Commandments, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, display of in public school buildings required, Education Dept. to promulgate rules and regs., Historic Documents Act116
Senator Dial House Sponsor Rep. Oden:
SB417 Motor Vehicles, fraudulent installation of an airbag, prohib., motor vehicle in which airbag has been deployed, owner prohib. from selling without disclosure that airbag has not been replaced, penalties89
Senator Lindsey House Sponsor: Rep. Graham:
SB421 Education, retired educators commemorative tags, renewal without continued proof of retirement, local governing school boards through superintendents of education to distribute materials promoting Penny Trust Fund, deposit of unexpended funds into Penny Trust Fund, Secs. 32-6-302, 41-15A-1, 41-15A-6 am'd.117
Senator Denton House Sponsor: Rep. J. Rogers:
SB327 Public Safety Dept., requirement for notification by certified mail of suspension, cancellation, or revocation of driver's license, removed, Sec. 32-6-17 am'd.; Act 2001-471, 2001 Reg. Sess. am'd.
Senator Waggoner House Sponsor: Rep. Allen:
SB385 Athletic booster, providing student-athlete with anything of value to influence attendance at particular college or university, prohib., athletic booster bribery, crime of estab., penalties, Sec. 13A-11-144 added; Sec. 13A-11-140 am'd.
Senator Barron House Sponsor: Rep. Spicer:
SB478 Brownfield Development Tax Abatement Act, estab. (2002-1456)122
Senator Dixon House Sponsor: Rep. Grantland:
SB218 Pregnant women and newborns, syphilis blood testing by physicians, includes testing for sexually transmitted disease as provided by Bd. of Health, Sec. 22-11A-16 am'd.103
Senator Sanders House Sponsor: Rep. J. Thomas:
SB342 Alabama Qualified Fuel Ethanol Producer Incentive Fund, estab., admin. by Agriculture and Industries Dept. Commissioner, grants auth. to qualified fuel ethanol producers, duties to Revenue Dept.
Senator Myers House Sponsor: Rep. Wren:
SB351 Estates, taxation, duties of fiduciaries, alt., Sec. 40-15-13 am'd.; Act 2001-468, 2001 Reg. Sess. am'd.101
Senator Dixon House Sponsor Rep. Grantland:
SB416 Nursing, Board of, investigators granted power of peace officers, and auth. to enforce controlled substance laws, Secs. 20-2-90, 34-21-2 am'd. 104
Senator Little (T) House Sponsor: Rep. Hooper:
SB251 Alabama State Council on the Arts, director and employees auth. to participate in Employees' Retirement System107
Senator Denton House Sponsor: Rep. Gipson:
SB46 Roads, streets, and alleys, vacation or closure by governing body, notice and hearing, procedures, Secs. 23-4-2, 23-4-5, 23-4-20 am'd.; Secs. 23-4-3, 23-4-4 repealed (2002-1217)63
Senator Biddle House Sponsor: Rep. Johnson:
SB86 Telemarketing Law, real estate agents and brokers exempt from, Sec. 8-19A-4 am'd.115
Senator Roberts House Sponsor: Rep. Johnson:
SB110 Municipal court, driving under the influence and reckless driving, and operating a vessel under the influence, fines and penalties the same as state court, Sec. 11-45-9 am'd.65
Senator Butler House Sponsor: Rep. Sanderford:
SB395 Aerospace Science and Industry Commission, estab., membs., duties, Economic and Community Affairs Dept. to provide administrative support, Jacksonville State University to provide project support and technical assistance116
Senator Smitherman House Sponsor: Rep. D. Newton:
SB44 Grandparent visitation, further provided for, Sec. 30-3-1.1 repealed110
Senator McClain House Sponsor: Rep. J. Rogers:
SB39 Lawson State Community College Community Outreach Partnership Center, estab., board, composition, purposes, powers, responsibilities, tax exemptions97
Senator Little (Z) House Sponsor: Rep. Johnson:
SB426 Chiropractic Examiners Board, quorum, election of membs., disciplinary actions, comp., licensure, cert. fees, alt., Secs. 34-24-140, 34-24-142, 34-24-144, 34-24-161, 34-24-165, 34-24-166, 34-24-170, 34-24-172, 34-24-176 am'd.
Senator Callahan House Sponsor: Rep. Barton:
SB2 Crime of assault in the second and third degrees, correctional officer or public employee of prison, or any officer or employee at any county or municipal jail included, Secs. 13A-6-21, 13A-6-22 am'd.111
Senator Myers House Sponsor: Rep. Carns:
SB8 Criminal sex offenders, residence restrictions, Sec. 15-20-26 am'd.; Act 2001-1127, 2001 4th Sp. Sess. am'd. (2002-1203)110

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