Past Speakers and Clerks of the Alabama House of Representatives

Abbreviations Used:

(T) Territorial Assembly
(D) Democrat
(R) Republican
(W) Whig
(S) Special Session during which a new speaker or clerk was elected
* Speaker pro-tem was elected due to illness of sitting speaker
+ Speaker or clerk died in office
# Speaker resigned to pursue other elective office
(r) Clerk resigned

Year Speaker Clerk
1818 (T) Gabriel Moore (D-Madison) Isaac R. Nicholson (r)
Daniel Coleman
Francis S. Gaines (Clerk Pro-Tem)
Daniel Coleman
1818 (T) John W. Walker (D-Madison) John C. Goolrick
1819 James Dellett (W-Monroe) Jonas J. Bell
1820-21 George W. Owen (D-Monroe) James J. Pleasants
1821 (S) George W. Owen Nathaniel R. Dodson
1821 James Dellett Nathaniel R. Dodson
1822-23 Arthur P. Bagby (W-Monroe) Nathaniel R. Dodson
1823 William I. Adair (D-Madison)
Samuel W. Oliver (D-Conecuh)#
Nathaniel R. Dodson
1824 Samuel Walker (D-Madison) Nathaniel R. Dodson
1825-26 William Kelly (D-Madison) Thomas B. Tunstall
1826-28 Samuel W. Oliver (D-Conecuh) Thomas B. Tunstall
1828-29 Clement C. Clay (D-Madison) Thomas B. Tunstall
1829-30 John Gayle (D-Greene) Thomas B. Tunstall
1830-32 James Penn (D-Madison) Thomas B. Tunstall
1832-35 Samuel W. Oliver Thomas B. Tunstall
1835-36 James W. McClung (D-Madison) Thomas B. Tunstall
1836 Arthur P. Bagby (D-Monroe) Thomas B. Tunstall
1837 (S) Arthur P. Bagby Gideon B. Frierson
1837 James W. McClung Gideon B. Frierson
1838-39 James W. McClung William Garrett
1839-40 John D. Phelan (D-Tuscaloosa) William Garrett
1840-41 Samuel Walker
Robert A. Baker (D-Franklin)*
William Garrett
Thomas B. Tunstall
1841 (S) Robert A. Baker Thomas B. Tunstall
1841 David Moore (D-Madison) Thomas B. Tunstall
1842-43 John Erwin (D-Greene) Joseph Phelan
1843-46 Andrew B. Moore (D-Perry) Joseph Phelan
1847-50 LeRoy Pope Walker (D-Lauderdale) Alexander B. Clitherall
1851-52 John D. Rather (D-Morgan) Alexander B. Clitherall
1853-54 William Garrett (D-Coosa) Malcolm D. Graham
1855-56 Richard W. Walker (D-Lauderdale) Albert Stanhope Elmore
1857-58 Crawford M. Jackson (D-Autauga) Albert Stanhope Elmore
1859-60 Alexander B. Meek (D-Mobile) Albert Stanhope Elmore
1861-62 Walter H. Crenshaw (D-Butler) Alexander B. Clitherall
1863-65 Walter H. Crenshaw Albert Stanhope Elmore
1865-66 Thomas B. Cooper (D-Cherokee) William H. Fowler
1866-67 Thomas B. Cooper Turner Clanton
1868 (S) B. B. McCraw (R-Chambers) William B. Cloud
1868 (S) George F. Harrington (R-Mobile) William B. Cloud
1868-70 George F. Harrington William B. Cloud
1870-72 John P. Hubbard (D-Pike) Ellis Phelan
1872-73 Lewis M. Stone (D-Pickens)
Lewis E. Parsons (R-Coosa)
Ellis Phelan
Robert Barber
1873 Lewis E. Parsons Robert Barber
1874-76 Decatur C. Anderson (D-Mobile) Ellis Phelan
1876-77 Newton Clements (D-Tuscaloosa) Ellis Phelan
1878-79 David Clopton (D-Montgomery) Ellis Phelan
1880-81 Nathaniel H. R. Dawson (D-Dallas) Ellis Phelan
1882-83 Wilbur F. Foster (D-Macon) David W. McIver
1884-85 Henry Clay Armstrong (D-Lee) David W. McIver
1886-87 Thomas G. Jones (D-Montgomery) Elmore Garrett
1888-89 Clement Clay Shorter (D-Barbour) Benjamin F. Elmore
1890-91 Newton Clements Benjamin F. Elmore
1892-93 Francis L. Pettus (D-Dallas) Massey Wilson
1894-95 Thomas H. Clark (D-Montgomery) Massey Wilson
1896-97 Newton Clements Massey Wilson
1898-99 Charles E. Waller (D-Hale) Massey Wilson
1900-01 Francis L. Pettus+
Alfred M. Tunstall (Pro-Tem)*
Jesse C. Adams
1903 Alfred M. Tunstall (D-Hale) Frank N. Julian
1907 William L. Martin (D-Montgomery)+
Archibald Hill Carmichael
Cyrus B. Brown
1907 (S) Archibald Hill Carmichael (D-Colbert) Cyrus B. Brown
1909 (S) Archibald Hill Carmichael Cyrus B. Brown
1911 Edward B. Almon (D-Colbert) William F. Herbert
1915 Archibald Hill Carmichael William F. Herbert
1919 Henry P. Merritt (D-Macon) Fred H. Gormley
1920 (S) Seybourn A. Lynne (D-Morgan) Fred H. Gormley
1921 (S) Seybourn A. Lynne Fred H. Gormley
1923-27 Hugh D. Merrill (D-Calhoun) John H. Stewart
1927 J. Lee Long (D-Butler) John H. Stewart
1931-35 Alfred M. Tunstall John H. Stewart
1935-36 Robert H. Walker (D-Limestone) Edward F. Taylor
1936-37 (S) Robert H. Walker
Maurice L. Robertson (Pro-Tem)*
Edward F. Taylor
1939 Hugh D. Merrill Robert Tyler Goodwyn
1942-43 George O. Miller (D-Sumpter)+ Robert Tyler Goodwyn
1945 Charles D. Norman (D-Bullock) Robert Tyler Goodwyn
1947-49 William M. Beck (D-DeKalb) Robert Tyler Goodwyn
1951-53 Roberts H. Brown (D-Lee) Robert Tyler Goodwyn
1955-56 Rankin Fite (D-Marion) Robert Tyler Goodwyn+
1957 Rankin Fite Oakley Melton, Jr.
1959 Charles Adams (D-Tallapoosa) Oakley Melton, Jr.
1961 Virgis M. Ashworth (D-Bibb) Oakley Melton, Jr.
1963-67 Albert P. Brewer (D-Morgan) John W. Pemberton
1967-71 Rankin Fite John W. Pemberton
1971-75 G. Sage Lyons (D-Mobile) John W. Pemberton
1975-83 Joseph C. McCorquodale (D-Clarke) John W. Pemberton
1983-87 Tom Drake (D-Cullman) John W. Pemberton
1987-91 James S. Clark (D-Barbour) John W. Pemberton
1991-99 James S. Clark William G. Pappas
1999-2010 Seth Hammett (D-Covington) William G. Pappas
2010 (S) Mike Hubbard (R-Lee) William G. Pappas
2011-2012 Mike Hubbard (R-Lee) William G. Pappas
2012-2016 Mike Hubbard (R-Lee) Jeff Woodard
2016-present Mac McCutcheon (R-Madison) Jeff Woodard