Section 35-20-13


(a) A homeowners' association subject to this chapter shall maintain records and information to be made available to each member or potential purchaser, upon written request, within a reasonable time not to exceed 30 days from the date of the request, and upon the payment of reasonable associated costs. Any homeowners' association may provide the records and information in paper or electronic form or direct the member or potential purchaser to the location of any public record containing the records or information.

(b) Upon written request by a member or potential purchaser and upon payment of reasonable costs, the homeowners' association, as specified in subsection (a), shall provide or direct the member or potential purchaser to the location of the public record containing the following:

(1) Documents reflecting the most recent assessments, any pending homeowners' association assessments approved by the board but not yet in effect, or any mandatory dues and charges with the amounts, including dates due and payable.

(2) Common areas owned by the association and those common areas not owned by the association but which HOA dues go to pay.

(3) A copy of the current operating budget and reserve funds, if any, and a statement of financial condition for the last fiscal year.

(4) Documents evidencing any insurance coverage provided for all lot owners by the association, including any fidelity bond.

(5) Documents evidencing any loans against the association and any collateral provided by the association for the loans.

(6) The official name of the association with current contact information of the current officers and agent, if any.

(7) A copy of the current covenants, conditions, and restrictions adopted by the association along with any amendments, modifications, restatement, or supplement and current architectural control regulations.

(8) Any association initiation or transfer fees which may be due at the time of the real estate closing.

(9) A list of all existing common areas.

(10) The case number or other identifying information of any pending lawsuits, judgments, liens, arbitration, or any other dispute resolution process to which the association is a party and contained in a public record.

(Act 2015-292, §14.)